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Xinu* - Name is the reverse of Unix. Small, elegant, multitasking OS with concurrent processing, message passing, ports, semaphores, memory management, buffer pools, uniform device I/O, shell, Tcl, TCP/IP. Begun as means to teach OS design concepts, now used by m

  • Dennis Brylow's Xinu Lab Infrastructure Page - Keeps the Xinu Millennium Edition: first port to a modern unix RISC architecture: PowerPC G3 and G4. Marquette University Department of unix Mathematics, Statistics and Computer Science.
  • Xinu Version 7.0 on the Sun - Large page, many details of using Xinu on Sun 2 and 3 with 68k CPUs.
  • Xinu - Growing article, with links to many related topics. Wikipedia.
  • PDP-11 Xinu - Directory with Xinu OS for LSI-11 PDP-11 series of 16-bit computers; distribution has SunCHIP (a.k.a. CHIP) C compiler and assembler, both written in C. Unix archive. The Unix Heritage Society, Unix Archive.
  • Douglas Comer - Xinu creator, Distinguished Professor of Computer Science, Purdue xinu University; information, essays, affiliations.

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