OS-400 Midrange Operating Systems Software

OS/400 is the operating system used on IBM's AS/400 (now renamed "System i5") computers. OS/400 and AS/400 were launched in 1988. OS/400 is now known as "i5/OS".

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See Also:
  • Genesis V - Information about the AS/400 products and services provided midrange by the operating systems Genesis V group of companies.
  • Exigent Computer Group, Inc. - Specializing in image processing, graphical client/server, businesses systems design and development for the AS/400
  • Data Design Inc. - Payroll, accounting, collection agency and trade group software. midrange Also provide operating systems bureau services and communications consulting.
  • Inpro International, Inc. - General AS/400 system utilities and custom programming.
  • Help Systems, Inc. - AS/400 operations software.
  • Capital Business Systems, Inc. - AS/400 spool file to spreadsheet/database conversion software.
  • SoftLanding - Turnover change management package. Also provides AS/400 contract operating systems services and planning for large and small scale operating systems development projects.
  • I/NET, Inc. - AS/400 software development firm specializing in WEB products. This is the company responsible for porting the Netscape servers to the AS/400.
  • SDC Software Inc. - Manufacturing and personnel software.
  • Harris Data - AS/400 manufacturing, distribution, financials and human resources software os-400 vendors. Also midrange provide training and consultancy services.
  • PentaSafe, Inc. - AS/400 security and audit software.
  • PowerTech - Powerlock AS/400 network security software. Intrusion Detection, network midrange auditing and access control.
  • Linoma Software - Provider of productivity tools for the iSeries and AS/400.
  • System Objects Corporation - Delphi, C++ and Visual Basic software for the AS/400.
  • Workware, Inc. - System utilities and object distribution software.
  • Manhattan Associates - Business process and supply chain solutions.
  • Systems Services Inc - Distribution software.
  • Quadrant Software - Provides electronic fax, forms, and e-mail solutions for os-400 the iSeries 400 / AS/400 integrated enterprise.
  • IBM OS/400 - Official page for this OS: overview, manual page, midrange provides start os-400 point for accurate information.
  • The Original Software Group - Automated testing for the AS/400 - deeper and midrange wider than operating systems ever before

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