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Provides information systems for the AS/400 community. Offers database driven information management tools for a range of industries including motor vehicle distributors.

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IBM Corporation* - AS/400 home page.

  • Mid-Blue International - New and used AS/400s and peripherals. Also provide ibm hardware and software services.
  • FormaServe Systems Ltd - Milton Keynes based IBM Business Partner, providing training, systems bespoke programming solutions, PC solutions and Web Design.
  • CPS Technology Solutions - New and used IBM AS/400 and RS/6000 equipment ibm including DASD, tape, display stations, printers, peripherals and ibm upgrades
  • Advanced Data Sales, Inc. - Buys and sells new, used, refurbished, reconditioned and rebuilt IBM ibm AS/400 and RS/6000 midrange processors, disk, DASD, communication equipment, peripherals, ibm internal and external tape units, storage and memory.
  • I/O Connections, Inc. - IPDS printing and terminal emulation solutions for the ibm AS/400.
  • Fritchman Marine Services, Inc. - Specializes in AS/400 systems design and development for the transportation as-400 and logistics industries.
  • Covenco - Suppliers of mid range computers systems from IBM systems and Hewlett as-400 Packard.
  • Netshare400 - Provides timesharing of an AS400 over the Internet.
  • North Shore Data Services - Features this New England IBM Business Partner providing AS-400 customers systems with a full range of services including network solutions.
  • Interchange Data - UK AS/400 hardware and peripherals brokers.
  • Computer Resource Systems, Inc - RPG maintenance programming, systems management, and AS400 and Unix connectivity ibm specialists.
  • Burak400 - IBM AS/400 iSeries AS400 eSeries and telecoms billing systems support, independent as-400 consultant available for UK and international systems assignments systems and operations as-400 support.
  • RQCS - AS/400 software development, project control and workflow management as-400 consultants.
  • Avax International - Backup, data interchange, tape drives, tape library units ibm and tape ibm autochangers/arrays.
  • Aura Equipements - International provider of internet and client/server solutions for systems the AS/400 ibm platform.
  • Cygnus Applications - Specializing in the IBM AS/400, System 36 migration systems and associated ibm software and peripherals.
  • Midrange Professionals, Inc. - Professional AS/400 analysts and programmers providing custom AS/400 software and as-400 modifications.
  • Midrange Systems Integration - Offers iSeries, pSeries, and xSeries products as well systems as printing ibm solutions and OS/400, NT, and Windows systems 2000 support.
  • Resource Power - Provides AS/400 training and education, installation support, performance systems and tuning support.
  • Softech Systems, Inc. - AS/400 software solutions and application development.
  • Syan Consultancy - AS/400 specialists in outsourcing and automation. Also provides systems applications management, as-400 application development and technical consultancy.
  • IIS Inc - Full service AS/400 vendor and consultancy.
  • AMX International Inc - Specializing in J.D. Edwards ERP solutions on as-400 the AS/400.
  • I-NET, Inc - Develops AS/400 based Internet computer systems, software and ibm websites for as-400 both the public and private sectors.
  • Murray Information Systems - AS/400 support for project management, software maintenance and operations.
  • Twin Data Corporation - PC-to-AS/400 connectivity products and peripherals.
  • Krebs, Henrik - Danish systems and development consultant specializing in AS/400 applications.
  • SpaceTec UK - AS/400 systems, printers and communications.
  • Fraser's Hill Ltd. - Hardware and software products for communications between personal ibm computers and as-400 midrange systems.
  • Search400 - An AS/400 specific search engine, site features include as-400 editorial summaries, ibm industry news, tips, discussion area and as-400 career info.
  • RPG Developer Network - RPG articles, code examples and documentation.
  • Key Solutions - New and used AS/400 systems and peripherals.
  • GepNet, Inc. - As/400 network integration and configuration.
  • CompassLead Consulting - Project analysis, management and programming for AS/400-based business ibm systems. Located in Oak Lawn, IL.
  • Strategic Business Systems - Provides information systems for the AS/400 community. Offers as-400 database driven information management tools for a range as-400 of industries including motor vehicle distributors.
  • Interlynx/S - Remote access gateway for secure 5250 emulation over the Internet.
  • Alamo Computer Consulting, Inc. - Specializing in IBM S/36 and AS400 programming and as-400 maintenance services.
  • Lakeview Technology - Illinois based supplier of AS/400 hardware, software and services.
  • Manage Inc. - Provides AS-400 hardware and software applications for distribution, as-400 manufacturing and membership companies.
  • TimeShare400 - Time share a current model AS/400 over the ibm Internet for development, educational institutions, additional short term ibm capacity increases, full outsourcing.
  • Manta Technologies - PC based courses for AS/400 programmers, operators, system systems administrators, and ibm users.
  • SCS, Inc. - Hardware and software providers. Also provides software and hardware installation ibm and technical support.
  • ESD Computer Services, Inc - Providers of AS/400 custom programming, consulting, training, installation, networking, hardware, as-400 software and on-site management.
  • Distributed Systems Professionals, Inc. - AS/400 hardware, installation and technical support specialists.
  • Azzurri Software Solutions - AS/400 technical support and bureau services.
  • System and Market Services of America - Hardware and software solutions for the AS/400 as as-400 well as as-400 Internet and Intranet solutions.
  • Astech Solutions Inc, - Providing consulting, training and project management.
  • Orange Coast Computer Group - Specializes in the buying, selling and leasing of ibm IBM and IBM-compatible computer systems including AS/400, AS/36, ibm RS6000, terminals, printers, controllers and modems.
  • Barsa Consulting Group - AS/400 consultants and remarketers.
  • I-O Corporation - Dumb terminals, remote workstation controllers and printer converters.
  • Tectrade Computers - Systems, upgrades, open storage solutions and peripherals.
  • Rome Solutions - Providing a broad range of hardware and software services for the AS/400.
  • Expertease - UK based company dedicated to distributing utility software, as-400 programming, and ibm consultancy services for the AS/400.
  • Penn Systems Group, Inc. - Provides hardware, software, and custom programming support to AS/400 companies ibm nationwide.
  • St. Louis AS400 - AS/400 RPG programming, LAN integration, remote connectivity, systems hardware and software.
  • Highgrove Computer Services Ltd - A UK based IBM Business Partner who can supply and systems install iSeries systems as well as printers and peripherals and systems integrate with other platforms.
  • Capital Business Systems , Inc. - Provides programming services for AS/400 users as well as-400 as Chilly, a utility for the AS/400 which as-400 converts spool files into spreadsheets.
  • Concise Consulting Ltd. - AS400 development, analysis, design and consultancy services including ibm SMS and ibm email applications for the AS400.
  • B2BeDocuments - Convert iSeries AS/400 OS/400 spool files to emailable systems Adobe Acrobat systems PDF reports.
  • ABC Services Inc. - Providing business computer services and maintenance for IBM AS/400 Microsoft, systems Citrix, Cisco systems and peripherals.
  • Grange Management Consultants - Provide BACS systems connecting applications to the UK ibm BACSTEL service. as-400 Other systems include X.400 messaging systems ibm and UK Bank Account as-400 validation software.
  • XKS Limited - AS/400 software specialists offer AS/400 development, software support, and project systems management.
  • System 3X Warehouse - Online shopping mart for AS/400 communications and connectivity products.
  • - Free technical discussion mailing lists for AS/400, iSeries, and i5. as-400 FAQ. Resources.
  • The 400 School - AS/400 training on-site, or at public seminars.
  • Midrange-L Technical Discussion - AS/400 oriented discussion/mailing list. Topics include security, connectivity, client/server, systems internet, programming, applications and disaster recovery.
  • Moorgate Limited - Dealers in new and quality used computers - ibm specialists in AS/400.
  • Decision Data - Global supplier of connectivity products and peripherals for the IBM ibm AS/400 and mainframe markets.
  • I.Deal Computers Inc - Dealing in IBM midrange servers, such as AS-400 ibm systems and related products.
  • AS400 Tape - Tape drives, link extenders and tape encryption products.
  • Dynax Resources, Inc. - Specializing in AS/400 applications, EDI, LANSA and Premenos.

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