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RS/6000 and AS400 systems supplier, offering services for upgrading, servicing, selling, maintaining, buying and leasing equipment and value added software.

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IBM Systems* - Official site for IT systems from International Business Machines.

  • Datatrend Technologies, Inc. - Supplier of IBM RS/6000 hardware, software services, and ibm complementary products ibm and services.
  • UserBlue - Not for profit organisation run by users to ibm help exploit hardware IBM hardware to run Unix, providing ibm a forum for networking hardware and the ability to ibm ask other members advice.
  • Apex Computers International Ltd - IBM business partner specializing in provision of AS/400, hardware RS/6000 and systems Netfinity servers, along with Lotus Notes hardware e-commerce solutions.
  • Advanced Technologies - Source for computer hardware, software and accessories.
  • Mint Computer Resources - IBM midrange hardware specialists for AS/400, System 36 hardware and RS/6000 including sales,buyback, rental and leasing.
  • Worldwide Trade Corp. - Worldwide supplier of RS6000 and AS400 hardware. New and pre-owned Systems, peripherals and parts.
  • Cherbonnier, Mayer and Associates - Louisiana based IBM Business Partner providing computer consulting, programming, sales and related services to business clients.
  • Buck A Day Company Inc, The - Canadian IBM Business Partner specialising in rental of systems computers, laptops hardware and accessories.
  • Panacea - UK based IBM Business Partner with experience in ibm xSeries and RS/6000 as well as other IBM ibm software and hardware and services.
  • Entre BTG - American IBM Business with experience in security, disaster systems recovery, LAN/WAN systems support and services.
  • Key Information Systems - Learn about this systems integration company providing corporate systems infrastructure architecture and highly available e-business solutions.
  • Bluelink BV - IBM Business Partner located in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. specialising in IBM Servers, PCs, Thinkpads, peripherals and spare parts.
  • IBM Offering Information - Access to all IBM announcement letters, sales manual, press releases, systems red books, white papers and catalogs, with search for most.
  • Gamma Global - International distributor of IBM and Compaq computer products.
  • ComputerComputer Ltd. - Specialising in providing services for mission-critical IBM RS ibm 6000 and ibm Bull servers.
  • IBM Technology Advisor - Source of advice on IBM platforms, hardware and systems systems. Providing articles and \\'expert\\' opinions as well systems as the option to submit your own work.
  • 9-Ounce Prototype Portable Computer - Portable computing device to demonstrate future possibilities.
  • National Data Systems - RS/6000 and AS400 systems supplier, offering services for systems upgrading, servicing, selling, maintaining, buying and leasing equipment systems and value added software.
  • Martec Computer Services Company - Provides IBM mainframe data center computer outsourcing services ibm including MVS, ibm OS/390, zOS, and Multiprise 3000.
  • System Resources, Inc. - New and refurbished IBM midrange and mainframe hardware ibm and peripherals. hardware Also, maintenance and upgrades on all ibm IBM hardware and peripherals.
  • NLynx Technologies - Supplier of connectivity products and peripherals for the IBM midrange and mainframe market, with an emphasis on IP connectivity solutions.
  • Atlantix Global Systems - International reseller of new and used IBM AS/400 and RS/6000 ibm equipment and peripherals.
  • Performance Data Resources - Order online for new, used, and fully refurbished AS/400 Midrange systems systems, peripherals, hardware, software and services provider.

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