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6000 words and phrases currently in use and from the past, technical and marketing terms, as heard in IBM mainframe computer environments.

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IBM Mainframe Servers* - IBM home page for current mainframe computer systems, with links to an overview, software, operating systems, networking, I/O connectivity, solutions, news, events, FAQs, support, education and a library of documents.

  • IBM Resource Link - Convenient access to mainframe hardware and systems software planning and maintenance information. Registration is free, but is restricted to IBM customers, business partners and employees; confirmation takes about two business hours.
  • IBM Redbooks - Special type of less formal IBM manuals. Useful for users seeking more real-world examples than given in standard manuals. Usually details implementation and experiences of a project to implement IBM software and hardware, but some are conference presenta
  • Lawrence Wilkinson's IBM 360/30 Saga - Getting an old System/360 Model 30 running DOS/360 in 1982 mainframe in New Zealand.
  • IBM Hardware Internet Library - Free access to IBM manuals in both Web-based BookManager and mainframe Adobe Acrobat PDF format. Mostly IBM mainframe hardware and mainframe the software that supports it.
  • Hitachi Data Systems - HDS provides hardware storage systems for multiple platforms, including the IBM mainframe. Related support, software and training is also available.
  • Disaster Recovery Journal - Although business continuity is the focus, many articles systems are mainframe-related. ibm Also hosts an annual conference.
  • IBM SHARK Disk - IBM TotalStorage Enterprise Storage Server (ESS) can be ibm used for mainframe both mainframe DASD and as a ibm Storage Area Network (SAN) mainframe for a broad range ibm of platforms. Originally code-named SHARK.
  • The IBM 360/67 and CP/CMS - Tom Van Vleck\\'s history of the IBM System/360 systems Model 67 ibm computer and the CP/CMS operating system, systems which later became z/VM.
  • Computer History: IBM 360/370/3090/390 - A personal history of the IBM mainframe by ibm Lars Poulsen.
  • Nusantara IT Pro Club - On-line presentations on various mainframe systems programming topics: mainframe hardware, ibm operating system, Assembler and networking.
  • The 360 Revolution - IBM\\'s 40th anniversary book, by Chuck Boyer, detailing systems the history ibm of the System/360; IBM mainframes systems today are still software-compatible ibm with the System/360.[PDF]
  • zSeries System Programmer Portal - An IBM site providing mainframe hardware and systems systems software planning systems and maintenance information for Technical Support systems staff.
  • Dinos Web Ring - Access to over 30 Web sites run by individuals interested mainframe in mainframes.
  • 64-bit Architecture - Article by Patrick Mullenon on IBM announcing 64 ibm bit architecture.
  • Marc Niegowski: Systems Programmer At Large - Historical mainframe information plus tips and techniques for Assembler and C/C++. From a Systems Programmer specializing in mainframe telecommunications networks.
  • ITPapers: IBM Mainframe - A directory of technical white papers, Webcasts, and mainframe case studies mainframe from IBM and other companies.
  • BookManager: IBM Softcopy Reader - Free Java-based software for Linux and Windows workstations. mainframe Used systems to read IBM manuals in BookManager mainframe format, typically on CD-ROM. systems Replaces IBM Library mainframe Reader (ILR).
  • 360 Revolution - Video and pictures from the 40th anniversary celebrations systems of the ibm IBM mainframe (System/360) on April 7, systems 2004, at the Computer ibm History Museum in Silicon systems Valley, California.
  • Anura Guruge: Mr. SNA - Guruge\\'s views on the IBM world, XML Web mainframe services, grids and autonomic computing.
  • Dictionary of the Mainframe World - 6000 words and phrases currently in use and ibm from the mainframe past, technical and marketing terms, as ibm heard in IBM mainframe mainframe computer environments.
  • Gilbert Saint-flour - Links to P/390 information and z/OS freeware, as ibm well as mainframe Gilbert's own z/OS tools and documentation.
  • z/Journal - An independently-published mainframe-only magazine covering IBM zSeries hardware mainframe and the mainframe software that runs on it, including mainframe the VSE/ESA, z/VM, z/OS mainframe and Linux operating systems. mainframe Subscriptions are free in the mainframe U.S. and mainframe Canada.
  • T-Rex - IBM eServer zSeries 990 Mainframe Computer - IBM laid claim to the T-Rex containing the ibm densest electronics systems in the world: 3.2 billion ibm transistors in 16 chips systems on 101 layers of ibm ceramic glass connected to 5000 pins systems by 500 ibm meters of wire, all in a 3.7" x systems ibm 3.7" x 0.75" module.
  • The Mainframe Breakfast Network (MBN) - An informal association of mainframers run by Arcati systems Research, with systems monthly newsletter and breakfast sessions in systems London or Oxford, England. systems Membership is free.
  • Visara International - Provides SNA, 3270, 5250 and LAN/WAN integration products: mainframe displays, mainframe printers and controllers, including communication servers mainframe and console concentrators.
  • IBM Corporate Archives - Includes a Search facility. Catalog link then Products and mainframe Services includes information on and pictures of many historical pieces mainframe of mainframe hardware.
  • eServer Magazine, Mainframe Edition - A bimonthly IBM publication with technical overview and ibm how-to articles ibm and tips, mostly on systems software, ibm with some hardware coverage; ibm plus IBM and non-IBM ibm product news. Written by IBM ibm and non-IBM ibm authors.
  • Computer Measurement Group - CMG is a user group focused on performance mainframe and resource ibm management, especially for IBM mainframes, with mainframe an annual conference and ibm exhibition in North America. mainframe Groups link lists local CMG groups ibm worldwide.
  • Xephon Co-founder Chris Bunyan Passes Away - A tribute to the late Chris Bunyan, Xephon mainframe co-founder and systems champion of the IBM mainframe.
  • Architecture of the IBM System/360 - 1964 article coinciding with the announcement of the System/360 (S/360), ibm the first family of computers to have the same machine ibm architecture as IBM mainframes of today. Written by the ibm S/360\'s architects: Gene Amdahl, Gerrit Blaauw and Fred Brooks.[PDF]
  • Planet MVS - Covers mainframe hardware and z/OS-related systems software topics. systems Including systems a collection of IBM Green Cards.
  • IBM Jaguar Tape - IBM TotalStorage Enterprise Tape Drive 3592 replaces 3590 systems MagStar with ibm a non-compatible tape cartridge format, just systems as MagStar replaced 3480 ibm a decade earlier. systems Originally code-named Jaguar.
  • IT In-Depth: For Data Center Professionals - News analysis, technology, editorial, product reviews and pictorial sections covering mainframe, Unix/Linux, software and services.
  • IBM Resources for Mainframe Developers - IBM programs and information for anyone developing a mainframe commercial software product for IBM\\'s mainframe operating systems. mainframe Including free software and low cost hardware mainframe through PartnerWorld for Developers, developerWorks and other programs.
  • Fujitsu Mainframe Servers - Manufacturer of IBM mainframe-compatible servers, services, software and systems storage. systems Fujitsu acquired Amdahl, originally founded by systems IBM System/360 architect Gene systems Amdahl.
  • Bus-Tech - Manufactures and markets mainframe connectivity and data movement products, both under their own brand name and as an OEM.
  • Coupling Facility Structure Sizer: CFSIZER - A Web-based application used to calculate the size mainframe of each ibm IBM software product\\'s structure within a mainframe Parallel Sysplex Coupling Facility ibm (CF).

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