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An IBM redbook covering basics, performance, recovery and management, with sample code in an appendix. Viewable on-line or downloadable as an Adobe Acrobat .pdf file.

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Operating Systems for IBM Mainframe Servers* - IBM starting point for mainframe OSs. Links to home page of each OS, with brief descriptions: z/OS, z/OS.e, Linux on zSeries, z/VM, TPF and z/VSE.

  • LookAt Message Help Facility - IBM message lookup for z/OS, OS/390, z/VM and mainframe VSE/ESA. mainframe By operating system version number.
  • WebSphere - Large IBM product family encompassing middleware and other mainframe application delivery mainframe software that provides Web-based access to mainframe an organization\\'s application software. mainframe Including WebSphere MQ, mainframe the former MQSeries.
  • - News, programming tips and technical information for z/OS mainframe and mainframe operating systems Linux applications and systems programmers.
  • RACF Glossary - A selection of terms, with definitions, taken from mainframe an appendix mainframe found in most IBM RACF manuals.
  • IBM End of Support Dates - IBM\\'s official listing of the announced end of operating systems support operating systems date, if any, for each of their operating systems software products.
  • WAVV: World Alliance of VSE and VM - User group spun off from GUIDE in 1995 ibm and similar mainframe to SHARE, with annual conference aimed ibm mainly at VSE/ESA and mainframe z/VM systems programmers.
  • CICS - IBM home page for Customer Information Control System ibm (CICS). operating systems Includes links to support, download, case ibm studies, library, services, events operating systems and education. CICS ibm is a transaction processing teleprocessing monitor operating systems that runs ibm on z/OS and VSE/ESA, though there
  • Jaqui's Papers & Presentations - 10 years of technical conference papers and presentation ibm notes by Jacqui Lynch of Circle4 Consulting. ibm Performance, capacity planning and security, including VSAM, z/OS, ibm Linux, TCP/IP and storage management.
  • Mike Murach's Mainframe Books - Publisher of books on COBOL, DB2, CICS, z/OS mainframe JCL, TSO, operating systems VSAM, IMS, and VSE/ESA. Sample mainframe chapters and code can operating systems be downloaded.
  • TPF Family Libraries - Access to the IBM TPF Product Information Center, on-line manuals ibm for TPF, TPFDF, EOCF/2, TPF Operations Server and IIOP Connect ibm for TPF, and order information for CD-ROM and printed manuals.
  • Transaction Servers and Tools eNews - An IBM monthly publication focused almost entirely on CICS.
  • IBM Storage Software - IBM home page for mainframe storage software, including DFSMS, DFSORT operating systems and DataCore SANSymphony, with a link to the TotalStorage Software operating systems Roadmap.
  • CICS Central - Information, reviews and discussion about IBM's CICS.
  • TPF: Transaction Processing Facility - IBM home page for TPF. Despite the name, TPF mainframe can be run as a stand-alone operating system on IBM mainframe mainframes.
  • Tivoli Glossary - Terms used by IBM subsidiary Tivoli. Glossary can be operating systems used on-line or downloaded in Adobe Acrobat .pdf file format.
  • IBM ShopzSeries - An on-line tool (registration required) for IBM z/OS, z/VM, z/VSE customers to order tailored product and service packages, review their software licenses and plan for future upgrades.
  • DITTO/ESA - IBM home page for Data Interfile Transfer, Testing, ibm and Operations operating systems Utility for ESA (DITTO/ESA). Overview ibm of features with links operating systems to support, news, library ibm and more information. DITTO runs operating systems on VSE/ESA, ibm z/VM and z/OS.
  • DB2 Server for VSE & VM - IBM home page for Database 2 running on operating systems z/VM operating systems and VSE/ESA. Overview and associated products, operating systems with links operating systems to features and benefits, system requirements, operating systems success stories, news, operating systems events, education and support. operating systems Formerly named SQL/DS, DB2 operating systems is a relational databa
  • MTS by Mark Riordan - A collection of information and links on MTS mainframe and MERIT (Michigan Educational and Research Information Triad) mainframe Network, including the MTS Help section with its mainframe description of MTS commands and related user documentation.
  • CICS: Bob Yelavich - CICS technical information from a retired IBM expert.
  • NaSPA: Network and Systems Professionals Association - User group. Primary focus is z/OS systems programming.
  • VTAM for z/VM and VSE/ESA - IBM home page for Virtual Telecommunications Access Method mainframe (VTAM); the mainframe z/OS version is part of Communications mainframe Server. Includes links mainframe to the latest version\'s mainframe announcement letter, documentation and storage estimates.
  • Technical IT Audit, Euro and Security Articles - Includes many mainframe-related articles. From Audit Serve.
  • - Mainframe programming information, including a large dictionary and mainframe links to mainframe downloads and manuals.
  • LISTSERV at the University of Georgia - RACF-L: RACF Discussion List
  • IBM-Main FAQ: Frequently-Asked Questions - Common questions and answers about the IBM-Main discussion mainframe list.
  • VSAM Demystified - An IBM redbook covering basics, performance, recovery and mainframe management, with sample code in an appendix. mainframe Viewable on-line or downloadable as an Adobe Acrobat mainframe .pdf file.
  • Mainstar Software: Resources - Although focused on z/OS storage management, many of operating systems the VSAM documents, for example, also apply to operating systems VSE/ESA and z/VM. White papers and other operating systems articles, much of it vendor-neutral.
  • Mainframe VM & VSE Page - Links compiled by Johan van Arendonk.
  • Mainframe Programming - Muraleedharan\\'s links and abstracts of articles on systems operating systems software ibm topics, including z/OS, DB2, CICS, DFSMS and operating systems RACF.
  • CICS Internet Connectivity - Describes options available for connecting CICS to the mainframe Internet.

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