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Provides z/OS-based mainframe application concepts, techniques and examples, with special emphasis on integration with the Internet. Hosted by a California consulting firm.

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z/OS* - IBM home page for zSeries/Operating System (z/OS). Information on the latest version with links to an overview, recent announcements, software, migration and installation, news, support, downloads, education, library and ease of use issues. z/OS replaced

  • z/OS Security - IBM security features with and products for z/OS.
  • OS/360 Obituary - On August 9, 1972, D.A. Jardine wrote this mainframe humorous obituary z-os for Operating System/360 (OS/360), the original mainframe ancestor of z/OS.
  • Watson & Walker - Cheryl Watson specializes in z/OS tuning. This site z-os offers access to some of her free reports z-os and details on how to acquire her chargeable z-os materials, including her Tuning Newsletter, CPU chart, classes z-os on video, and BoxScore and GoalTender software.
  • DOCWEB: The CNS Documentation System - Instruction manuals, Frequently-Asked Questions (FAQs) and News for students and mainframe other users of the mostly-mainframe University of Florida (UF)Computing and mainframe Networking Services (CNS).
  • Western Illinois University: StuMVS System - Student guides for TSO (ISPF), CICS, MVS QuickRef, ibm AbendAid, local mainframe JCL standards and a small glossary.
  • University of Georgia Mainframe - Detailed usage information for z/OS JCL, TSO, ISPF z-os and z/OS ibm Abend codes.
  • RACF - IBM home page for Resource Access Control Facility ibm (RACF) security software. Introduction with links to ibm a technical overview, news, downloads, user groups, past ibm and future presentations, migration, library, FAQs and education.
  • VSAM Support in TSO, ISPF and REXX - Explains how to use VSAM in TSO, ISPF mainframe and REXX. Part of Gilbert Saint-Flour\'s mainframe mainframe Web site.
  • PeopleSoft on the Mainframe - Performance tips for PeopleSoft running on z/OS DB2. From consulting firm DataBase Consulting Services (DBCS).
  • IMS Glossary of Terms and Acronyms - Common technical terminology used to describe concepts within ibm IMS/TM and mainframe IMS/DB. From IBM.
  • SMP/E: System Modification Program Extended - The software used to install and maintain z/OS z-os software from mainframe IBM and many other software companies.
  • z/OS.e - A specially priced offering of z/OS providing select ibm z/OS function ibm for the zSeries 800.
  • OSdata.com on MVS - A Web site that looks at operating systems, takes a look at MVS, now officially known as z/OS.
  • Testing z/OS - An IBM Systems Journal article describing how the z/OS development team tested the operating system. Discusses verification methodologies, and test technologies and techniques.
  • SimoTime - Provides z/OS-based mainframe application concepts, techniques and examples, with special ibm emphasis on integration with the Internet. Hosted by a ibm California consulting firm.
  • IBM z/OS and OS/390 Expo - The next IBM z/OS and OS/390 annual technical mainframe conference. Focusing mainframe first and foremost on performance issues, mainframe 4.5 days.
  • RMF: Resource Management Facility - IBM's performance measurement and management software.
  • LE: Language Environment - The IBM common run-time environment for popular programming z-os languages.
  • z/OS IBM Manuals - On-line access to manuals covering all components of ibm z/OS. ibm Requires no special reader, though it ibm does simulate IBM BookManager.
  • Wikipedia OS/360 Encyclopedia Entry - Short article with many embedded links describing Operating mainframe System/360 (OS/360), z-os the original ancestor of z/OS that mainframe was written as the z-os operating system for high-end mainframe System/360 computers in the early 1960s.
  • IBM z/OS Consolidated Service Test (CST) and the Recommended Service Upgrade (RSU) - Integrated testing of an older Program Update Tape z-os (PUT) level mainframe with hipers and PE\\'s from a z-os more recent PUT level mainframe for specified operating system, z-os database and teleprocessing monitor versions.
  • Rizzuto IT - Books, education, technical reports, freeware and links of mainframe interest to those who support z/OS.
  • DB2 for z/OS and OS/390 - IBM home page for Database 2 Universal Database z-os (DB2 UDB). ibm Information on associated products and links z-os to features and benefits, ibm system requirements, library, success z-os stories, news, downloads, events, education, services ibm and support. z-os DB2 is a relational
  • UNIX System Services - IBM resources for the full UNIX implementation built z-os into z/OS.
  • MVS Forums - Help Boards provide question and answer discussion threads on z/OS application programming, databases, utilities, JCL, Middleware including CICS, IMS, TSO, ISPF, data management and problem determination. There are also links to IBM manuals.
  • UnXMIT Information Exchange - Details on how to write a program for ibm operating systems mainframe other than z/OS that will read ibm a z/OS Partitioned DataSet mainframe (PDS, also known as ibm a Library) that been sent with mainframe TSO\'s TRANSMIT ibm (XMIT) command.
  • IMS - IBM home page for Information Management System (IMS). mainframe Information on the family of software with links mainframe to a library, success stories, news, events, education, mainframe services and support. IMS is a transaction mainframe processing system (IMS/TM), a hierarchical database
  • Vanguard Enterprise Security Expo - Annual security conference intended for organizations using RACF, z-os but covering ibm non-mainframe-specific topics, such as smart cards z-os and digital certificates.
  • StorageTek: z/OS Support Commitment - StorageTek\\'s policy statement detailing their products\\' support for mainframe IBM mainframes and their operating systems.
  • z/OS, OS/390 and MVS End of Support Dates - Announcement, general availability, marketing withdrawal and end of support dates and program numbers for z/OS, OS/390 and MVS/ESA.
  • Bill's Big Iron Page - Both links and original material covering common programming problems in the z/OS environment. By Canadian Bill Lalonde.
  • z/OS Elements and Features - A list of, and links to information on, mainframe the Base z-os Elements included in the latest release mainframe of the z/OS operating z-os system, and the optional mainframe Features.
  • DFSMShsm - Originally the Hierarchical Storage Manager (hsm), now "a functional component ibm of DFSMS that provides facilities for managing storage devices" (IBM).
  • z/OS Hot Topics Newsletters - Published twice annually by IBM for z/OS Systems z-os Programmers, with one to five page technical articles. z-os Available on-line in PDF format.
  • DFSMS - The storage management components of z/OS, including DFSMSdfp, mainframe DFSMSdss, DFSMShsm mainframe and DFSMSrmm.
  • SDSF: System Display and Search Facility - IBM software to view and control the JES2 ibm queues, running mainframe batch jobs, started tasks, and on-line ibm TSO users.
  • LDW's Quick and Dirty MVS Page - Leonard Woren's favourite z/OS software and links.
  • z/OS Information Wizardry - Web-based wizards for infrequent z/OS Systems Programming tasks.
  • TSO Times - On-line newsletter of technical articles related to TSO and ISPF, with lots of REXX-related information. Includes some articles on the company\'s (Chicago-Soft) mainframe software products.
  • North Carolina State University: z/OS - The NCSU Administrative Computing Services mainframe overview, with z-os detailed ISPF, IOF and ftp usage instructions.
  • MVS by Thierry Falissard - Favourite links of a man with a passion for MVS z-os (now z/OS), including many to original material on his own z-os OS/390-MVS Cyber Mall site.

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