z-VSE IBM Mainframe Operating Systems

z/VSE is one of IBM's mainframe operating systems. It originated as DOS/360 on the low-end System/360 computers of the mid-1960s.Sites that also discuss other operating systems are found in Computers/Software/Operating Systems/Mainframe/IBM. Sites that also discuss hardware are found in a subcategory of Computers/Hardware/Systems/IBM.

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z/VSE* - IBM home page for zSeries/Virtual Storage Extended (z/VSE). Information on the latest version with links to software, news, solutions, service and support, downloads, library and education.

  • Language Environment for z/VSE - IBM home page for LE/VSE. Information on ibm the latest ibm version with links to an overview, ibm history, support news, samples, ibm interaction with TCP/IP, and ibm related books. LE provides a ibm common run-time ibm environment for applications with mixed programming language
  • VSE Mailing/Discussion List and Resources for VSE - Archives and access to VSE-L and other discussion lists, z/VSE and z/VM vendor list, and categorized links.
  • CICS/VSE Security Within a z/VSE Environment - Article by Mitchell H. Levine of consulting firm Audit Serve.
  • CA's z/VSE Newsletter - z/VSE-specific news related to Computer Associates software products, z-vse such as ibm events and available software fixes.
  • What Security is Available for IBM VSE? - Article by Mitchell H. Levine of consulting firm ibm Audit Serve.
  • Using IBM's SDAID Tracing for Bus-Tech Devices - A quick summary of how to trace I/O activity for z-vse a device on a z/VSE system. Using JCL or z-vse directly from the operator\'s console.
  • CICS Transaction Server for z/VSE - IBM home page. Information on the latest mainframe version with links to support, download, news, case mainframe studies, services, events and education. Customer Information mainframe Control System (CICS) is a transaction processing system mainframe that debuted in the 1960s.

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