Connectivity OS-400 Midrange Operating Systems

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  • DataMirror Corporation - Providing data transformation and HA applications.
  • ThinView - AS/400 to internet applications integration software.
  • Nexus - Mainframe and 5250 emulation software.
  • Advanced Businesslink - High-end communications software for AS/400.
  • RJS Software Systems, Inc - Electronic AS/400 report distribution applications.
  • Waytek - Connectivity and data communication products.
  • IPLS - French FAX software supplier.
  • Edith - AS/400 to Unix file transfer interface and monitor.
  • Attachmate Corporation - Remote access and Rally 5250 emulation software.
  • Export Ventures - X Window emulator for AS/400 and joint Unix and AS/400 midrange emulation products.
  • MIS Systems - Providing AS/400 communications and connectivity solutions.
  • XPS Software GmbH - Terminal and printer emulation offering strong end-to-end data connectivity encryption and midrange line compression for IBM mainframe applications.
  • Computer Keyes - AS/400 fax and e-mail applications.
  • Patrick Townsend and Associates - Communications solutions and services for the IBM AS/400.
  • WRQ - Host access, internet integration, and communications management software.
  • TECA - Providing applications to integrate custom applications, MS Office and ASP to the AS/400.
  • Extol - Providing EDI applications and consultancy.

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