Systems Management OS-400 Midrange Operating Systems

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  • Revsoft - Operations and systems management software.
  • SoftLanding Systems, Inc. - Change management system (Turnover) and software for the midrange IBM iSeries.
  • Help-Systems - Offers systems management software (ROBOT).
  • Thenon - Suppliers of change management and testing software for os-400 the IBM i5 system
  • Raz-Lee Software Tools - Security and operations tools.
  • Novagem - Messaging and job scheduling software.
  • Bytware - Provider of iSeries and AS/400e monitoring, paging, security, midrange and help desk solutions.
  • WaterSkier Software - Operations control and security software for the AS/400.
  • Palace Guard software - AS/400 security software for the client server arena.
  • Kisco Information Systems - Security Software.
  • Macro 4 - Spool management and automated operations software.
  • PentaSafe Auditing and security solutions - Security tools for IT managers, auditors, and security os-400 administrators.
  • Agent Data ApS - Fax and messaging software.
  • PowerTech - Provides products to assist in auditing network traffic and exposing systems management security gaps.
  • PAE Inc. - Disaster recovery and system management utilities.
  • Lakeview - System mirroring and high availability software (Mimix).
  • Vision Solutions - Enterprise high availability, data sharing and data protection packages.

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