Java Object-Oriented Operating Systems Software

Typed OS to very securely execute programs, which can only manipulate defined type variables, not memory spaces; avoids many problems caused by programming in languages such as C. French initiative, binary fits one floppy disk. [Open Source]

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  • E-Leos - Typed OS to very securely execute programs, which operating systems can object-oriented only manipulate defined type variables, not memory operating systems spaces; avoids object-oriented many problems caused by programming in operating systems languages such as object-oriented C. French initiative, binary fits operating systems one floppy disk. [Open object-oriented Source]
  • JOS: Java Operating System - Collaborative undertaking by an international group of Java operating systems programmers object-oriented and enthusiasts to create free Java OS. operating systems [Open Source]
  • Odiseo Desktop - Multitasking environment, written in Java, for all Java programs, can execute many Java applications in unique virtual machine. Descriptions, screenshots, downloads. [Open Source, GPL]
  • JNode - Goals: all Java OS, flat memory model, for object-oriented personal use, simple to use and install, any object-oriented Java applications to run on it fast and object-oriented safe. Descriptions, documents, screenshots, downloads. Open Source, LGPL.
  • leJOS - Tiny Java OS for Lego RCX brick. Like operating systems its java predecessor TinyVM, has tiny Java runtime, under operating systems 32K; works java as replacement firmware for Lego; Hitachi operating systems H8300 processor. To java be ported to more small operating systems devices. [Open Source, Mozilla]
  • Sanos - Minimal OS kernel for PC based server appliances. Lets you run java server applications without need to install host OS, only need normal Java HotSpot VM and Sanos. Description, documents, downloads, manifesto, links, contact. [Open Source, BSD]
  • JX Ltd. - Makes JX OS: set of Java components executes on core doing system initialization, CPU context switching, low-level domain management; code organized as components loaded into domains, verified, translated to native code; protection based on type safety of
  • Inside the IBM JavaOS Project - Summary of IBM strategy, target market, progress. itmWEB.
  • JavaOS - Growing article, with links to many related topics. java Wikipedia.
  • RCOSjava - Tool designed to teach inner workings of operating systems: simple operating systems animated simulated OS and hardware coded in Java. RCOS successor.

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