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  • shuJIT - JIT plugin for the Sun JVM, for Linux and FreeBSD languages on x86 processors. Includes support for a transparent distributed object languages system, MetaVM. [Open Source, GPL]
  • Kaffe JVM - Java Virtual Machine. Works on many platforms and includes Just-In-Time languages (JIT) support for most of them. PersonalJava 1.1 compliant (but languages does not fully support the Java 2 Platform). [Open Source, languages GPL]
  • GNU Classpath Extensions - A free replacement for the "javax.*" classes (core java and otherwise); sibling project to GNU Classpath. [Open java Source, GPL/LGPL]
  • Kissme - Java VM for Unix, more so Linux. Native threads and java JIT compiling. Uses GNU Classpath. [Open Source, GPL]
  • Viva - Open source implementation of the Java runtime. Includes implementations links to other open source resources.
  • Ground work laid for Open Source Java - Sun Microsystems backed industry body, Java Community Process (JCP) oversees languages development of platform and language, voted to alter community structure, languages officially supporting OSS implementations of Java, JCP 2.5. [The Register]
  • Java/Kaffe for Amiga Computers - Information on getting Java (Kaffe) to run on Amiga computers.
  • JNBridge - Enabling the integration of pure Java into Microsoft java .NET applications. Tools support J2SE or J2EE, allowing java .NET code to access J2EE facilities including EJBs, java and JNDI. SE (Standard Edition) and EE (Enterprise java Edition) versions.
  • Jikes - A former IBM research virtual machine focussing on java compatibility, high implementations performance, dependency analysis, and constructive assistance. java Project information, FAQ, and implementations links. [Open Source, CPL]
  • IBM Developer Kit Porting - Provides free developer kits for creating and testing languages Java applets java and applications on a number of languages platforms, including AIX and java Linux. Also other Java languages tools. [Freeware]
  • GNU Classpath - A free replacement for Sun\\'s proprietary core Java implementations class libraries. languages [Open Source, GPL with exception]
  • JC Virtual Machine - A Java virtual machine implementation that converts class implementations files into C source files using the Soot implementations Java bytecode analysis framework, compiles them with GCC, implementations and loads them using a built-in ELF object implementations file loader. [Open source, LGPL]
  • Open Runtime Platform - Open source research infrastructure for dynamic compiling and memory management; java supports programs compiled to bytecode and linked with GNU Classpath java libraries. [SourceForge, Open Source, Intel]
  • teaseme - Java virtual machine (VM) that runs in Linux kernel, Linux kernel module JVM, based on JOS and kissme projects. [Open Source, GPL]
  • JDK 1.1.8 for NetBSD - Contains releases of the Sun JDK version 1.1.8 languages for the NetBSD/i386 platform. [Freeware]
  • Aonix North America, Inc. - Provider of embedded and realtime JVMs. Provides news and articles.
  • GCJ - The GNU Compiler for Java - compiles Java implementations source or bytecode to native machine code. Most implementations APIs are supported, except the AWT and Swing. implementations [Open Source, GPL]
  • Java Virtual Machine - Introduction to the Java Virtual Machine, links to JVMs for different platforms, and collection of related articles.
  • JJOS (jJOS/decaf) - Combines the jJOS kernel and decaf virtual machine. [Open Source]
  • BeKaffe - Port of Kaffe to the BeOS platform. [Open java Source, GPL]
  • Alternative Java Implementations - Article by David K. Friedman and David A. java Wheeler. It briefly introduces Java, provides a bit java of Java history, and describes various Java implementations.

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