Research Systems Implementations Java Languages

Java implementations designed primarily for research use and modification, rather than production use.

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See Also:
  • Open Runtime Platform - Research framework implementing advanced JIT and GC interfaces. These interfaces allow the JIT, GC and remaining runtime system to be developed in complete isolation and at independent rates. [Open Source, Intel License]
  • The Squawk Project - Research Java VM, examines better ways to build research systems VMs. research systems Most commercial VMs are coded in low research systems level languages: research systems C, assembly. Goal: write as much research systems of VM as research systems possible in Java, for portability, research systems debugging, maintainability. Inspired by research systems Squeak project.
  • SableVM - Java virtual machine for GNU/Linux. [Open Source, GPL]
  • Sable Research Group - Publications - Papers and theses on optimization and efficiency of Java virtual research systems machines.

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