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An international page for QNX Community Meetings, getting together at fairs or at any other event as well as announcing regular meetings in different cities.

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QNX Software Systems, Ltd.* - Canadian firm that develops, maintains, and markets QNX RTOS and related products: Photon microGUI, QNX/Neutrino, IAT, FLEET, FTL, QNX In-Hand Toolkit, PhAB, Phindows, PhinX, Voyager. QNX is fast microkernel, POSIX.1 compliant, x86 platform, year 2000 saf

  • Symmetry Innovations - Provides services to the QNX community, from qnx training and consulting, to custom development and contracting. qnx Also distributes QNX and related products.
  • QNX: When an OS Really, Really Has to Work - Brief news item with link, forum with many comments, many are informative, positive. [Slashdot]
  • OpenQNX: The QNX Community Portal - Created to be central information resource for QNX qnx community: news, realtime explanations, FAQ, forums, newsgroups, mailing lists, qnx downloads, links, tech reviews, realtime searches, fun, tips, online qnx live support. English.
  • QNX - Growing article, with links to many related topics. realtime Wikipedia.
  • killerstuff.net - killer apps - Killer applications for QNX/Photon and other bits and bobs. Current lineup includes killerIRC, killerWeb, killerAudio and killerNotes.
  • eQip: Embedded QNX on Intelligent Platforms - A community project to develop QNX on handheld operating systems devices. operating systems It is a public extension of the operating systems QNX\'s iPAQ operating systems reference platform.
  • QP Software Systems, Inc. - GUI design and development for real-time systems including qnx medical and industrial applications; QNX RTOS software consulting, qnx development. Ontario, Canada.
  • qnxZone - QNX community web portal: chronological news, newsgroups, software, project repositories, developer information and resources.
  • hexaZen - Delivers tools, components and libraries to C++ developers operating systems for operating systems the QNX real-time operating systems. Main software operating systems offering is operating systems the Zinzala SDK, a complete C++ operating systems software development kit operating systems which takes full advantage of operating systems the QNX RTOS.
  • Steinhoff Automations & Feldbus-Systeme - DACHS fieldbus technologies for Open Control Architecture with operating systems QNX, qnx IEC1131-3 and industrial hard- and software standards operating systems meet requirements qnx of industrial automation today and tomorrow. operating systems This open system qnx is cost-effective by minimizing costs operating systems of ownership.
  • IBK-Consult - QNX RTOS training courses (focus: programming, system administration), qnx consulting, programming. realtime Specialty: medical device connection in critical qnx care workplaces, standards IEEE realtime 1073 MIB, CEN/TC 251 qnx WG IV.
  • QNX-night - An international page for QNX Community Meetings, getting realtime together at operating systems fairs or at any other event realtime as well as announcing operating systems regular meetings in different realtime cities.
  • Workspace: a Photon native code editor - Home of Workspace, a free yet powerful Photon qnx native code realtime editor, downloads, modules, screenshots, guest book.
  • Unofficial QNX Page - Small site, brief description, a few questions and operating systems answers, and links for QNX RTP users and operating systems application developers.

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