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The Linux Virtual Server is a highly scalable and highly available server built on a cluster of real servers, with the load balancer running on the Linux operating system. The architecture of the server cluster is fully transparent to end users, and the u

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  • OSF Distributed Computing Environment (DCE) - A set of distributed computing technologies under LGPL, distributed computing promoted and developed by The Open Group.
  • Ncat - Makes it easy to pipe data between hosts. distributed computing The distributed computing syntax is similar to cat, but allows distributed computing tcp streams distributed computing to be specified in addition to distributed computing regular files. distributed computing (C) [GNU/Linux, Unix]
  • Xfiles - An interactive utility for comparing and merging one software file tree distributed computing with another over a network. software (Java)
  • ZooLib - A library allowing to create native executable for GNU/Linux, Unix, distributed computing Mac OS, BeOS and Windows with little or no need distributed computing for platform-specific code. (C++)
  • Linux Virtual Server - The Linux Virtual Server is a highly scalable software and highly distributed computing available server built on a cluster software of real servers, with distributed computing the load balancer running software on the Linux operating system. The distributed computing architecture of software the server cluster is fully transparent to end distributed computing software users, and the u
  • OpenMosix - OpenMosix is the free fork from MOSIX after this great distributed computing project closed the user area tools to a closed-source licence. distributed computing All OpenMosix is under GPL licence.
  • Berkeley Open Infrastructure for Network Computing (BOINC) - A software platform for distributed computing using volunteer internet computer resources.
  • SDSC Matrix Project - Offers workflow protocols and workflow language descriptions necessary to build internet a peer-to- peer infrastructure.
  • openMosixview cluster-management GUI - openMosixview cluster-management GUI
  • DotGNU Project - A Free Software competitor to Microsoft's .NET
  • OpenMosix user area tools (userland tools) for 2.6 - Official (and experimental) user area tools for OpenMosix distributed computing kernel software 2.6.
  • FIPA - The Foundation for Intelligent Physical Agents is a internet non-profit organisation producing standards for the interoperation of internet heterogeneous software agents.
  • boincwapstats - Web page of an Open Source PHP script distributed computing that generates signature images out of BOINC statistics. distributed computing Easy to set up and also easy to distributed computing run.

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