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Small online utility for IP address calculations including netmask, broadcast and network addresses as well as Cisco wildcard mask. (Perl)

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  • Rimcp - Reboots your hanged machine with a simple ping open source over network. (C) [GNU/Linux]
  • Linux Embedded Appliance Firewall (LEAF) - Embedded Linux network appliance for use in small office and internet home automation environments; can be used as a gateway, router, internet firewall or in other ways. (C, C++, Shell script) internet [GNU/Linux]
  • Adaptive Communication Environment - An Object-Oriented Network Programming Toolkit. (C++) internet [Many platforms]
  • Zebedee Secure Tunnel - Establishes an encrypted, compressed tunnel for TCP/IP or software UDP traffic between two systems. (C) software [Unix, Windows 95/98/NT]
  • ObjectWeb - Software community aiming to develop component-based middleware for software large scale distributed systems.
  • IP Calculator - Small online utility for IP address calculations including software netmask, broadcast and network addresses as well as software Cisco wildcard mask. (Perl)
  • FarCry Core - Open-source Content Management System running on ColdFusion MX platform. Support open source for SQL databases.
  • Mobilemaps - An open source search and locate engine which open source allows open source users to find Web pages by location. open source (C, Perl) open source [GNU/Linux, MacOSX, Windows]
  • Lookandfeel Software - Free software for web-based applications, including email components, an NT internet service for Java applications and small Win32 COM utilities. (Visual internet C++) [Windows]
  • Spindex - Scripts for searching web sites, both from a internet client and internet server perspective. (Perl)
  • OpenH323Proxy - Proxy software to allow h.323 applications to pass software firewall and open source NAT. (C++) [Windows 95/98/2000, BSD, Linux]
  • Snare Auditing Agents - Tools to retrieve audit and event log information from a variety of operating systems and applications.
  • Shibboleth - Privacy and security aware mailing list project and internet software. internet (Perl)

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