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A server for applications running into thin-clients PCs. It resembles the Web in many ways, but supports stateful sessions. (Python)

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See Also:
  • Grumpy - A tiny web and Gopher server that requires servers an inetd-compatible servers super-server to work. (FreeBASIC) [GNU/Linux]
  • Teapop - An RFC1939 and RFC2449 compliant POP3-server, with virtual software domain support internet and the possibility to authenticate users software in several different ways. internet (C) [GNU/Linux, software OpenBSD, Solaris]
  • Postfix - A compatible, more secure replacement for sendmail program, software which transfers software mail over the internet. (C) software [GNU/Linux, Unix]
  • ht://Dig - A complete world wide web indexing and searching servers system for servers a small domain or intranet. (C++) servers [GNU/Linux, Unix]
  • DataparkSearch Engine Tool - Open source search engine tool released under GPL software and designed servers to organize search within a software website, group of websites, servers intranet or local system.
  • MnoGoSearch - Search engine software for Internet and Intranet sites. software The index can be stored in any of software the popular SQL Databases.
  • MyServer - Web server administration supporting HTTP, CGI, ISAPI, WinCGI and FastCGI protocols.
  • Dnsupdate - An IP address update program for dynamic DNS servers updates as internet defined in RFC2136. It submits dynamic servers IP address update requests internet to a name server servers automatically. (Perl) (Linux)
  • ASPSeek - An Internet search engine, consisting of an indexing robot, a servers search daemon, and a CGI search frontend. (C++) servers [GNU/Linux, FreeBSD]
  • Exim - Mail Transfer Agent - Message transfer agent (MTA) developed at the University of Cambridge internet for use on Unix systems connected to the Internet.
  • tlsproxyd - Daemon which proxies TLS connections into services which don\\'t support TLS themselves. Readme file, change log, man page, and tarballed source. Requires OpenSSL. (C) [GNU/Linux, Unix]
  • Board-tnk - Discussion board with admin page in English, French, servers German, Italian, Spanish, and Dutch. (PHP4)
  • Ganymede - A system for managing a variety of directory servers services, such software as NIS, DNS, Samba, Sendmail, and servers tacacs+. (Java)
  • Binc IMAP - Open source xinetd/tcpserver based IMAP server for the servers Linux platform, with support for Maildir.
  • B.Y.P. Server - A server for applications running into thin-clients PCs. servers It resembles internet the Web in many ways, but servers supports stateful sessions. internet (Python)
  • OpenDS - A community project building a free and comprehensive directory service, based on LDAP and DSML standards. (Java)
  • HTML::Embperl - Gives you the power to embed Perl code servers in your servers HTML documents and the ability to servers build your Web site servers out of small reusable servers objects in a OO-style. (Perl)
  • dnsadmin - A web control panel for dns administrators. DNS information internet is stored in mysql and can be output to either internet BIND or tinydns files. (C) [GNU/Linux, Unix]
  • Domain Technologie Control - A set of PHP scripts for domain administration, MySQL management servers database, backup scripts generation and scripts for statistic calculation.
  • OpenProtect - Open source e-mail filtering solution for Linux e-mail servers. (C, Perl) [Linux, BSD]
  • UnrealIRCd - An IRC daemon with SSL support and WebTV software support. (C) [GNU/Linux, Unix, Windows, Amiga]
  • Cyrus IMAP Server - An IMAP server developed at Carnegie Mellon University. servers (C, servers Perl) [GNU/Linux, Unix]
  • Bind - Widely-used DNS server software, and related tools. (C) [Many platforms]
  • nginx - A HTTP and mail proxy server licensed under internet a 2-clause BSD-like license. By Igor Sysoev. [Unix, internet Mac OS X]
  • ihttpd - A tiny and simple http server that runs servers under inetd. servers It supports HEAD/GET/POST, and IPv6.
  • tpop3d - Pop 3 server designed to be fast, extensible, and secure. servers Version history, FAQ, overview, and tarballed source distribution. (C) [GNU/Linux, servers Unix]
  • IRC Services - Provides IRC networks with definitive nickname and channel ownership, allows messages to be sent to offline users, and gives IRC operators more control. [GNU/Linux, Unix]
  • Courier mail server - An SMTP/IMAP/POP3/HTTP (webmail) server, implementing SMTP extensions for mailing list software management and spam filtering. (C, C++, Perl) [GNU/Linux, software Unix]

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