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Web server and application server which includes support for RXML, a tag-based language for constructing dynamic content. Allows tag plugins to be written in Pike.

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See Also:
  • maki - XML/XSLT processor utilizing Apache and mod_python.
  • MultiXTpm - Contains documentation and information regarding this application server, application message oriented servers middleware and transaction processing monitor. [GNU application GPL]
  • PHPAppl - PHP Application Server - PHP-based project geared toward creating web-development environment for non-programmers. Plans application to allow web-interface to predefined modules for forums, yellow pages, application and news.
  • OpenThought Communications - OpenThought is a Web application engine. Designed to application create pages open source that communicate with web server from application DHTML using XML to open source update portions of page application rather than requiring entire page reloads.
  • WebWare for Python - A suite of software components for developing object-oriented, web-based applications. servers [Open Source, Python license]
  • OpenFrame - Java-based framework for portal applications, providing API\\'s and open source ready-to-use application tools for pages, portlets, user management, content open source management, collaboration application and community services. (LGPL)
  • ModeliXe - XML-compliant templating solution for PHP
  • SteelBlue - Open-source Web application server environment in which Web-database open source applications open source can be developed completely in an extended open source HTML language. open source Similar to ColdFusion.
  • GNU-Paperclips - Servlet API 2.1 servlet container. It provides HTTP/1.1 servers compliance and has an easy to use admin servers interface. [Open Source, GPL]
  • The iChilli mobile J2EE platform - Provides a J2EE compliant runtime environment for both application server and mobile platforms, such as J2ME, MIDP application or other CLDC based devices (e.g. runs on application the PersonalJava enabled Sharp Zaurus and Compaq's iPAQ).
  • Enhydra - Java-based application server with XML features, licensed under application BSD-like license
  • JOnAS (Java Open Application Server) - Distributed platform compliant with the EJB specifications [MPL-like servers license]
  • O'Reilly Network: JSP vs. XSP [Feb. 22, 2001] - Sue Spielman looks at JSP and XSP to open source help servers you decide which is right for your open source development needs.
  • SkunkWeb - An open source, easily extensible, high performance application servers server, written application in Python.
  • Whitebeam - An open-source project which provides a complete development servers environment for application web applications using only XML and servers JavaScript.
  • OpenEJB - Open Source Enterprise Java Beans (EJB) Container System open source and application Server. [BSD-style license]
  • AxKit - XML Application Server for Apache. Provides on-the-fly application conversion open source from XML to any format, such application as HTML, WAP or open source text using either W3C application standard techniques, or custom code. AxKit open source also uses application a built-in Perl interpreter to provide for XML open source application transformation.
  • Roxen Webserver - Web server and application server which includes support for RXML, open source a tag-based language for constructing dynamic content. Allows tag open source plugins to be written in Pike.

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