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Information and download page for Ringlink, a program that provides the tools necessary to build and run rings of websites. (CGI, Perl)

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  • Ringlink - Information and download page for Ringlink, a program that provides software the tools necessary to build and run rings of websites. software (CGI, Perl)
  • uniLETIM - Online transaction and announcing processing for community exchange groups such internet as LETS or TimeBank. Support, download, and demo pages are internet provided.(PHP,MySQL)
  • PHP Newswriter 2005 - Administrate and publish news sections for websites, without software using a database. (PHP)
  • Douglas Thrift's Search Engine - A search engine for use on small websites. internet Instructions, screen software shots, and download information are provided. internet (C++, Perl)
  • Owl Intranet Engine - A multi-user knowledge-base system for publishing files and web applications documents internet onto the web. Documentation, download, and demo web applications are provided. internet (PHP)
  • OpenBiblio - Automated library system with OPAC, circulation, cataloging, and internet staff administration functionality. (PHP)
  • PHP List - A newsletter manager which allows you to add and manage users along with creating and email newsletters. (PHP, MySQL)
  • openPlaG - An online function graph plotter. It can compute software and plot software a very high amount of functions, software including many probability functions.(PHP5)
  • Gedafe - A generic web-based frontend for PostgreSQL databases. The site includes software documentation and screen shots of the application.(Perl)
  • NET-SNMP Project - A simple network management protocol (SNMP) implementation featuring internet news, frequently asked questions, bugs list, patches available, internet documentation and tutorial, and mailing lists. (C, Perl)
  • Gallery Server Pro - A gallery application that supports photos, video, audio, and documents. software Includes EXIF/IPTC support, watermarks, user security, searching, and simple installation. software (ASP.NET, C#, and MS SQL or SQLite)
  • TaskFreak - A web-based task manager. Installation instructions, a download internet link, community software forums, and an application overview are internet provided. (PHP, MySQL)
  • Leafwa - A web-based administration package for the Leafnode news server. (PHP)
  • Mantis - Information and download for a popular web-based bug web applications tracking software system with many features. (PHP)
  • Open WebMail - A webmail system designed to manage very large mail folder files in a memory efficient way. (Perl)
  • SCT - Sphene Community Tools - Software includes a wiki and bulletin board application which can be used out of the box to build a community website or used to extend any existing django project. (Python)
  • OpenEFM - An electronic filing manager designed to be used by courts software and governmental agencies, to allow the transfer of information in software Legal XML. (Java)
  • OpenGoo - An open-source web office to allow collaboration and web applications sharing software of documents, task lists, emails, calendars, web web applications links and software contacts. Site provides news, discussion forum, web applications online demo, documentation, software project information, and downloads.
  • ILIAS - A SCORM compliant Learning Management System (LMS), developed software at the internet University of Cologne/Germany. The site includes software product support and download internet information.(PHP)
  • JWChat - A browser-based jabber client. It supports basic jabber web applications instant web applications messaging, roster management and group chats. web applications The site web applications features a demo, a blog, and web applications a download link.
  • Globe*Trotter - Geographic guestbook where visitors can place messages and comments directly web applications on a map. (PHP,MySQL)
  • eyeOS - An open-source browser based web desktop. Full documentation, download, and internet community support are provided.(PHP5)
  • jobberBase - A job board software suited for single industry web applications recruitment. internet Community, blog, download, and instructions are web applications provided. (PHP,MySQL)
  • SBP - Simple Browser Proxy - A browser-based proxy server that allows some degree software of anonymity internet whilst browsing the internet.(PHP)
  • queXF - A web application that takes scanned paper forms web applications generated web applications using queXML and reads them. The data web applications collected is web applications exported in a fixed width ASCII web applications file. (PHP,MySQL)
  • phpShop - A shopping cart application. Documentation, download, demo, and forums are provided. (PHP,MySQL)
  • SmoothGallery - A gallery application with simple image galleries, slideshows, and showcases. software An overview, instructions, and download information are provided.(PHP)
  • phpMyVisites - A website statistics and web analytics application. Support, web applications demo, internet download, and forums are provided. (PHP)
  • NewsViking - Script to collect news articles into a weekly software digest. Uses MySQL or MS SQL. (Perl)
  • Bamboo Invoice - An invoicing software intended for small businesses and independent contractors. web applications Included on the site are forums for installation issues and web applications application development. (PHP5)
  • MRTG - Multi Router Traffic Grapher - Tool to monitor the traffic load on network-links internet using UDP internet and SNMP. Provides information on internet licensing, development, usage, and internet credits. (Perl)
  • Coppermine - Information and download page for a multi-lingual photo internet gallery suite. web applications (PHP)
  • ePoll - A server side polling software that enables polls to be set up and administered. The site provides a description, features, and contributors.
  • SharpWebMail - A WebMail application that\\'s designed to work with internet a POP3 internet server as mailstore, and a SMTP internet server for sending mail. internet (ASP.NET, C#)

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