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Promotes research and serves as a provider of technical information and standards to computing professionals. Has news, articles, organization and publication information, and suborganization information.

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  • Norwegian Computer Society - Offers IT workers professional development opportunities and gives the Norwegian government input on IT issues. English information includes a description of the group and its purpose. [Norwegian/English]
  • Australian Computer Society - Promotes IT issues and professional development. Information about membership, publications, events, courses and exams and certification.
  • International Federation for Information Processing - Seeks to foster collaborative research and to facilitate computer science communication computer science between those involved in Computer Science research, computer science practice and computer science use. Includes description, calendar, subgroup computer science information and newsroom.
  • Computing Research Association - Seeks to strengthen research and education in computing computers fields. Membership, event and job information.
  • IEEE Computer Society - Promotes research and serves as a provider of computer science technical organizations information and standards to computing professionals. computer science Has news, organizations articles, organization and publication information, and computer science suborganization information.
  • Computer Society of South Africa - Promotes high standards for IT professionals in South organizations Africa, and computer science the protection of privacy standards. organizations Includes society, member, project computer science and event information.
  • John von Neumann Computer Society - Hungarian group promoting research and computer literacy, and organizations facilitating the exchange of information and experience between organizations computing professionals. Includes a description of the organizations group and its activities. [Hungarian/English]
  • Austrian Computer Society - Organization information, mailing list and conference information. [German computers and English]
  • USENIX: The Advanced Computing Systems Association - Supports IT professional development, and application-oriented research. Includes industry computer science news, calendar and online magazine.
  • British Computer Society - Promotes professional standards, advises UK government and represents computer science the computers profession. Gives member, professional-development and event computer science information and computers forums.
  • Informatics Society of Iran - Committed to the advancement of computer knowledge and computer science standards computers in Iran. Introduction, membership information and computer science past reports.
  • European Association for Theoretical Computer Science - Aims to facilitate the exchange of ideas and organizations results among theoretical computer scientists and to stimulate organizations cooperation between theorists and practitioners. Has organization, organizations publication and activities information and news.
  • Finnish Society for Computer Science - Founded in 1982 to advance computer science research, promote new applications based on research, and to increase the collaboration between computer scientists and practitioners. Contains organization information. [English/Finnish/Swedish]
  • International Society for Computers and Their Applications - Seeks to promote Computer Science and Engineering with a view organizations towards applications. Includes information on the society and on organizations membership, as well as conference and journal descriptions.
  • Council of European Professional Informatics Societies - Promotes to European bodies the views of informatics professionals, encourages computer science professional competence. Organization and professional standards information, position papers computer science and online journal.

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