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University of Aberdeen - Natural language front ends; formal properties of linguistic formalisms; semantic interpretation of English sentences, particularly temporal semantics; modelling of verbal humour.

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  • Ramamritham, Krithi - Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay - Real-time systems, computer science Transaction processing in database systems, Real-time databases systems
  • Roerdink, Jos - University of Groningen - Image processing, mathematical morphology, computer science wavelets, computer vision and scientific visualization.
  • Ramesh, S. - Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay - Concurrency, Formal Specification and Verification, Programming Languages, Real time and Reactive Programming, Distributed Computing.
  • Rao, S. S. S. P. - Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay - VLSI Design, computer science Advanced Computer Architecture, Reconfigurable Computing, Microprocessor Design and computer science Interfaces.
  • Rivest, Ronald L. - Webster Professor of MIT\\'s Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, Associate Director of MIT\\'s Laboratory for Computer Science, a founder of RSA Data Security
  • Ritchie, Graeme - University of Aberdeen - Natural language front ends; people formal properties computer science of linguistic formalisms; semantic interpretation people of English sentences, particularly computer science temporal semantics; modelling of people verbal humour.
  • Rajamony, Ramakrishnan - IBM Research, System Software Department - energy conservation for servers, computer science operating systems, and networking.
  • Ranade, Abhiram - Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay - Algorithms, Combinatorial people Optimization.
  • Renardel de Lavalette, Gerard R. - University of Groningen - Specification languages and formal people specification.
  • Robinson, Peter - University of Cambridge - Human-computer interaction, electronic design computer science automation, people self-timed circuits.
  • Revesz, Peter - University of Nebraska-Lincoln - Scientific databases, content-based image people retrieval, geographic information systems, spatiotemporal data, computational biology.
  • Rada, Roy - University of Maryland, Baltimore County - Distance education.
  • Richards, Martin - University of Cambridge - Programming language design and people implementation, typeless languages, optimizing compilers, efficient interpreters, just-in-time people compilation.
  • Rosebrugh, Robert - Mount Allison University - Higher dimensional category theory, people computational category theory and theory of database systems.

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