Complexity Theory Theoretical Computer Science

A forum for the rapid and widespread interchange of ideas, techniques, and research in computational complexity. Research reports, surveys and books; meetings, discussions and web resources.

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  • Computability and Complexity - An online course on complexity.
  • SAT Live! - A collection of up-to-date links about the satisfiability problem (solvers, computer science benchmarks, articles). A discussion forum is available as well.
  • Efficient algorithms and intractable problems - Course taught by Christos Papadimitriou and Umesh Vazirani theoretical at the theoretical University of California at Berkeley.
  • Theory of Computation, Fall 2006 - Course 6.045J/18.400J at MIT OpenCourseWare, emphasizing computability and theoretical computational complexity theoretical theory.
  • Parameterized Complexity - Brief description, list of workers and problem compendium, compiled by Todd Wareham.
  • Automata, Computability, and Complexity, Spring 2005 - Course 6.045J / 18.400J at MIT OpenCourseWare with introduction to computer science basic mathematical models of computation, Turing machines, Church\'s Thesis, time computer science complexity and NP-completeness.
  • Computational Complexity Theory - Course COMS 30126: Computational Complexity Theory, Department of Computer Science, University of Bristol
  • Lecture notes on Complexity - Collection of lecture notes by Prof. Eric Allender, Rutgers University.
  • A Compendium of NP Optimization Problems - This is a preliminary version of the catalog complexity theory of NP optimization problems.
  • Constraint Satisfaction Problems - Research group in the Computing Laboratory, Oxford University.
  • Complexity of Algorithms - A list of topics from a Computer Science theoretical course involving theoretical complexity of algorithms. HTML and PS theoretical format.
  • Probabilistically Checkable Proofs and Approximation - Pointers to some survey articles and their authors, theoretical by M. computer science Bellare.
  • Complexity Theory - Two set of lecture notes by Prof. Oded theoretical Goldreich, Weizmann complexity theory Institute.
  • Complexity Zoo - Description of the 462 complexity classes and relations theoretical between them hosted at Caltech as a part theoretical of Qwiki project.
  • IBM Research: Algorithms & Theory - An overview of computational models and methods and theoretical how they theoretical relate to complexity, with links to theoretical selected papers.
  • Information-based Complexity - People, publications, prizes.
  • Challenging Benchmarks for SAT and CSP - Includes related links, references and a summary of complexity theory the results for the SAT benchmarks used in complexity theory SAT Competition 2004.
  • $1 million for solving P vs NP - One of the Prize Problems named by the Clay Mathematics Institute of Cambridge, Massachusetts (CMI).
  • Computational Complexity and Programming Languages - Summaries of talks of the DIMACS workshop (July 1996), collected by James Royer.
  • Theoretical Computer Science links - A collection of bookmarks to algorithms and complexity complexity theory resources maintained by Heribert Vollmer at the Theoretical complexity theory Computer Science Institute, University of Hannover.
  • The NP-Complete Arcade - Provides applets that can be used to explore computer science the theoretical conditions under which some well-known NP-complete problems computer science become hard.
  • SATLIB - The Satisfiability Library - A collection of benchmark problems, solvers, and tools. complexity theory Provides a uniform test-bed for SAT solvers as complexity theory well as a site for collecting SAT problem complexity theory instances, algorithms, and empirical characterisations of the algorithms\' complexity theory performance.
  • ECCC - Electronic Colloquium on Computational Complexity - A forum for the rapid and widespread interchange of computer science ideas, techniques, and research in computational complexity. Research reports, computer science surveys and books; meetings, discussions and web resources.

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