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Embedded control, DSP applications, and high speed protocol interfaces with feeding and finishing equipment for the digital 'Document on Demand' market.

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  • Harte Technologies - Engineering services, smart-peripheral applications from concept to completion.
  • Xogenus - Full-service electronic hardware and software development firm specializing consultants in new embedded systems designs for telecommunications and geophysics.
  • Indscape Softech Pvt., Ltd - Software products and solutions for Cybermine Incubator. Multimedia MPEG 4 decoder on RTOS, mobile communications, wireless internet and LAN access products.
  • MacroExpressions - Novel embedded software development tools: Unimal: language-independent embedded systems macro processor that works wonders with compile-time initialization. embedded systems C-SLang: very compact Assembly-like script language with embedded systems tiny interpreter for embedded diagnostic tasks. Compile
  • Inventor's Colony - Consulting work in embedded systems design and management, software design, embedded systems Internet strategy, and website construction.
  • Phystream Ltd. - Design of systems encompassing hardware, software, FPGA and ASIC development.
  • Locsoft Ltd. - Systems hardware and software design. PC designs running embedded systems Linux or Windows, BIOS customization and driver development.
  • Electric Algorithms, Inc. - Provides custom software for embedded systems, programmable devices, computers simulators, HMIs, embedded systems and computer graphics rendering engines.
  • Nuvation Engineering - Electronics Design Services firm providing ASIC, FPGA, printed circuit board embedded systems (PCB), firmware, and embedded software design services.
  • Camelback Computer Architecture Consulting Services - Offers computer architecture consulting services to assess technology, consultants develop products, consultants and protect intellectual property.
  • Hardware Designer - Offers VHDL FPGA and digital/analog PCB design services. embedded systems consultants Specializing in Xilinx FPGA design.
  • Cole Design and Development - Embedded software development and electronic design services.
  • Computek Consultancy - Design consultancy for electronic products using embedded microcomputers consultants or PCs. embedded systems Located in South Wales, UK.
  • BrightSoft - Radar and aviation systems operating, development and databases. Located in computers Belgium.
  • Special Computing - Windows CE reference platforms and project consulting.
  • Arcom Control Systems - Arcom supports Windows CE, Windows NT Embedded, DOS, consultants Linux and computers QNX Operating Systems on PC/104 Embedded consultants PCs.
  • Micro-Processor Services, Inc. - Embedded systems design, development and consulting services for all micro-controllers.
  • Applied Computer Techniques, Inc. - Specializing in systems maintenance, software development, computer consultants and process embedded systems control consulting for the manufacturing industries.
  • Cambridge Technology Consultants - Design and development services for ARM-based systems.
  • Compass - Our profile: -Fieldnet Embedded Software -Internet consultants applications consultants -Outsourcing supported with our own project consultants controlling tool
  • Parsec - Includes experience in the design and implementation of computers embedded, DSP as well as PC-based software to computers provide a complete software solution, from high-level user-interface computers to low-level embedded software.
  • Laogu Developer Site - About Embeded System.Mcs51,Msp430,Pic,Keil c51 ,Arm,DSP,Protel
  • T-Systems - A division of Deutsche Telekom. Desktop services, systems consultants integration, computing consultants and network services and e-business.
  • J. Gordon Electronic Design, Inc. - Custom electronic development service spelializing in embedded systems embedded systems design. Experienced in USB, ethernet/internet, LonWorks and embedded systems fieldbus applications.
  • Tridium Home Page - Framework, software, and services company helping users of consultants embedded devices computers to harness the power of the consultants Internet and the latest computers technologies.
  • SibAnts Software - Application design and development, platform code migration, and embedded systems legacy computers software maintenance, upgrade and modernization.
  • E-Infochips - Develops device drivers, protocol stacks, and DSP applications. consultants Offices in computers the United States and India.
  • Atlantic Quality Design, Inc. - Product design services especially for small companies on a budget.
  • FSI Systems Inc. - Embedded control, DSP applications, and high speed protocol computers interfaces with feeding and finishing equipment for the computers digital \'Document on Demand\' market.
  • Applied Research Consultants - Developer of embedded controls and systems. ARC specializes in embedded systems engineering design, development, assembly, manufacturing and servicing of electronic hardware embedded systems and software.
  • J-Tech Engineering - Design consulting firm specializing in embedded control hardware, software and firmware product development.
  • Software to Spec, Inc. - Software development for real-time, embedded and DSP applications embedded systems on microprocessor systems. Custom board bringup and device embedded systems drivers under real-time operating systems (VxWorks, pSOS, RTLinux). embedded systems Based in Silicon Valley.
  • QSolv, Inc - Protocol development, VoIP, VoATM, DSP, and SNMP.
  • EmbedTime - Realtime and embedded systems support for 68000, 80C51, embedded systems 80x86 processors, CAN, RS232, Ethernet, and Linux. Located embedded systems in The Netherlands.
  • EmbVUE Inc. - Engineering and project management, custom systems and software solutions.
  • Centrillium IT Consulting Inc. - Software development for 8051, i960, 80x86, Motorola 68K, Windows CE, embedded systems pSos, VxWorks.
  • Trycom Technology - Industrial manufacturers of all-in-one CPU cards for 386 through to consultants P3. Embedded touch LCD display monitors, I/O cards, remote control consultants modules and panel PCs.
  • Potenza Technology Limited - Tools and services for automatic code generation, systems embedded systems simulation embedded systems and control algorithm development for real time embedded systems embedded control embedded systems systems.
  • Logic 1 Design and Services, LLC - Embedded Controller Product Design, hardware design, schematic capture, consultants PCB layout, consultants low level software including device drivers consultants and firmware. Prototypes and consultants debug, and full production consultants support services.

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