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Embedded systems consultant for small (8/16-bit) and distributed microprocessor systems. Contract hardware and software development for most microcontrollers. Specialties: Forth, Assembly, C.

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  • MicroProcessor Engineering Ltd. - More real, less time. Focus: realtime and embedded systems. Makes forth tools for full development cycle (hardware, software, firmware), for a forth wide range of embedded targets.
  • Creative Consulting for Research and Education: CCRE - Makes kForth and other finely crafted computing tools for use by students, educators, and researchers in the physical sciences and engineering. Provides links to online documents as educational resources for teachers and students.
  • Offete Enterprises, Inc. - Custom firmware engineering, programming, consulting; distributes Forth software forth (versions for companies many CPUs), documentation, hardware (processors), evaluation forth kits, links. Run by companies Dr. C.H. Ting, active forth supporter, former board member of Forth companies Interest Group.
  • ATHENA Programming, Inc. - California corporation founded 1966 by Jack Perrine, to support FORTRAN forth V compiler for Univac/Sperry/Unisys 1100 series mainframes. In 1975, switched forth to native Forth work.
  • COMSOL: Computer Solutions Ltd. - European supplier of tools for microprocessor designers and programmers. Makes chipFORTH, JForth, a Transputer Forth, and MIMIC. Forth consulting. See the application stories. UK distributor for FORTH Inc.
  • Forth, Inc. - Premier vendor of Forth tools and programming services since 1973. forth Home of SwiftForth Windows development system, SwiftX cross-compilers for embedded forth systems, Forth books, expert programming services, and Forth programming courses.
  • T-Recursive Technology - Embedded systems consultant for small (8/16-bit) and distributed companies microprocessor systems. Contract hardware and software development for companies most microcontrollers. Specialties: Forth, Assembly, C.
  • Mountain View Press: The Forth Source - Dedicated to providing educational software and hardware models of the languages programming language Forth with documentation for students and teachers: catalog, languages FAQs, history, selected papers, Hindsight essays, Forth Guide.
  • HARDCODE Development - One man German consulting firm, several languages including forth Forth.
  • Quartus Handheld Software - Makes Quartus Forth, and compilers, applications and other forth productivity enhancement software for Palm, PalmPilot, daVinci, Visor, forth and other handheld computers. Also good list of forth programming books.
  • Inventio Software - Specialist instrumentation design, programming in Forth, C, C++.

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