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Non-Vendor Organizations that are predominantly focussed on issues surrounding Data Communications - from the physical layer through to the application layer.

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See Also:
  • International Powerline Communications Forum - Promoting broadband powerline communications products and services. Includes company profiles, news articles, and information.
  • ACM Crossroads Magazine - Crossroads is the student magazine of the ACM computers and has organizations published many articles about networking.
  • Inet Technologies - Creates a one-stop source for all your network computers management and computers diagnostic needs.
  • CompInfo - Telephony, Computer Telephony Integration (CTI), Fax - Information data communications Sources and Suppliers
  • 1394 Trade Association - IEEE 1394 is an international standard digital interface that can organizations run up to 400 Mbps over a thin cable. organizations It is one of the most promising technologies for a organizations future high speed "RS-232". This is the trade association organizations working to make it a reality.
  • IEEE - leader in the development and dissemination of voluntary, organizations consensus-based industry organizations standards
  • OSGi: Open Services Gateway Initiative - Open group of technology companies including Ericsson, IBM, computers Sun Microsystems, data communications Nokia, Intel, BMW, and Philips. Develops computers specifications to deploy and data communications manage Java based services computers for homes, cars, offices, PDAs, phones data communications and industrial computers applications.
  • IMTC - International Multimedia Teleconferencing Consortium promotes the adoption of organizations industry-wide interoperability standards in teleconferencing products
  • GCATT - GCATT is a telecommunications technology development partnership of data communications government, universities, and the advanced telecommunications industry.
  • The University of New Hampshire InterOperability Laboratory - Tests networking and data communications products whilst educating students. Also computers provides free online tutorials on networking technologies.
  • ITU - International Telecommunication Union
  • OTC - Offering industrial internet infrastructure solutions that meet specific needs while providing access to data centers and resources.

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