X-Face 2D Graphics Data Formats

Includes a brief explanation of the X-Face format and an online Jpeg to X-Face converter along with its source code.

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See Also:
  • Mythic-beasts.com: X-Face - Includes a brief explanation of the X-Face format x-face and an x-face online Jpeg to X-Face converter along x-face with its source code.
  • Mozdev.org: Mnenhy - Amongst several enhancements to SeaMonkey Mail/News and Mozilla graphics Thunderbird, brings the possibility of displaying X-Face headers.
  • Ashton, James - Personal page of the creator of this format, includes some of his remarks on these images.
  • A Bunch of X-Faces - A collection of X-Face images and their corresponding x-face text.
  • The Face Header - A proposed improvement to the X-Face header. The 2d Face header is a PNG image whereas X-Faces 2d are one-bit images.
  • Dairiki.org: Online X-Face Converter - Converts various image formats to the X-Face format suitable for graphics inclusion in e-mail or Usenet article headers.
  • XFace for RISC OS - Offers a little utility that handles X-Face images 2d on RISC graphics OS systems.
  • MessageFaces - Extension that adds X-Face and Face image compatibility 2d to Mozilla Thunderbird. Also hosts a FAQ and 2d a quick guide for Face image creation.
  • Wikipedia: X-Face - Brief description of this header, its history and 2d a list 2d of compatible software.

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