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Includes chats, forums, newsgroups, and private message boards that address HTML topics and problems in using HTML coding.

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See Also:
  • Tek Tips Forums - HTML and DHTML technical support forums and mutual chats and forums markup languages help system for computer professionals. Selling and recruiting chats and forums markup languages forbidden.
  • Web Design Group Forums - Questions and answers about web authoring.
  • HTML and Browsers - WebmasterWorld - HTML coding, webpage design, and browser compatibility issues.
  • HTML Help Central - An online community with topic areas covering web markup languages development, chats and forums optimization and website reviews.
  • Expert HTML Yahoo Group - A newsgroup for middle and higher level HTML programmers. Most users use WebTVs, some use PCs.
  • HTML Writer's Guild Mailing Lists - Features newsgroup type discussion groups for different topics markup languages of html HTML.

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