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Sites which give pointers to and digests of topical articles on XML.

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See Also:
  • Cafe con Leche - Daily news updates about XML, as well as news and media lists of XML books, mailing lists, and news and media tools.
  • News - Receive the latest industry news on XML and related technologies either online or via subscription.
  • O'Reilly XML Center - Features XML books, resources, news and articles.
  • XML Sucks - Negative criticism of the technology and supporting resources.
  • VoiceXML Review - Online e-zine for VoiceXML with features, articles, archives, speak and xml listen, call for papers, letters from the editor.
  • SGML and XML News - Short articles on new projects and current issues with relevant links to the originating sites.
  • xmlhack - News site for XML developers, distilling news, opinions, news and media tips, and issues from diverse sources.

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