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XSLT and XSL-FO are related as variants on XSL (eXtensible Stylesheet Language). However, FO refers to Formatting Objects, whereas XSLT refers to Transformations. The difference being that XSLT transforms from one format to another and FO is intended to be used in areas where exact output/positioning is required - such as in printing.

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  • PassiveTeX - PassiveTeX is a library of TeX macros which can be style sheets used to process an XML document which results from an style sheets XSL transformation to formatting objects. PassiveTeX provides a rapid style sheets development environment for experimenting with XSL FO.
  • Apache's FOP Project - Open source XSL-FO implementation; converts XSL-FO to PDF xsl and other xsl formats.
  • XMLmind FO Converter - An XSL-FO to RTF converter [commercial, free for personal use].
  • XML.com: Using Objects - An article tutorial which shows how to set xsl-fo up XSL:fo xsl-fo pages.
  • TeXML - Although this is not an XSL-FO tool, it is used style sheets in typesetting. Given that it was posted in 1998, style sheets it would probably be overtaken by XSL-FO now. The style sheets materials also include an example of MathML markup transformed into style sheets TeXML, with PostScript generated usin
  • html2fo - Generates valid FO documents from almost any (even xsl-fo badly formated) xsl HTML file. Freeware.
  • XSL FO Tutorial - A learn-by-example tutorial, to facilitate reading the specification by giving a series of commented examples.
  • Antenna House XSL Formatter - An XSL-FO processor for Windows [Commercial].

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