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Open format ebook reader supports multiple ebook formats, including .prc, .pdb. .html, .rtf and .txt. Memory expandable and WiFi enabled.

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  • Franklin eBookMan - A portable reading device and multimedia content player. e-books Supports computers multiple file formats and includes many e-books additional features.
  • GodSpeed E-Bible - A specialized device that focuses on Christian content.
  • Plastic Logic Reader - News and information about the full-size e-book reader readers scheduled for readers pilot release at the second half readers of 2009.
  • Amazon Kindle 2 - Official site for Amazon\\'s wireless reader provides information computers on features, readers 3G network transmission, book and periodical computers availability, and ordering.
  • Hiebook Reader - A dedicated display device that supports the proprietary e-books Hiebook format, computers as well as .html, .txt and e-books .doc formats. Includes computers a built in MP3 e-books player.
  • Bookeen Cybook - Open format ebook reader supports multiple ebook formats, e-books including .prc, .pdb. .html, .rtf and .txt. e-books Memory expandable and WiFi enabled.
  • DualScreen 2-VU - A dual-screen portable PC that supports the two-page computers layout of computers a conventional book.
  • Ebooks Toolbox - Tools and tips to make better use of your ebook readers device or TabletPC computer.

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