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A freeware tool that includes various works as well as a personal library manager, bookmarks manager and on-line library browser.

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See Also:
  • ReadThemAll - A freeware tool for the PalmOS that features a scrolling e-books feature for improved readability.
  • ICE Book Reader Professional - A shareware reading tool for the Windows platform. software Can open and format almost any large software text file.
  • HandStory Suite - A fully featured commercial suite that includes Palm Doc support. software Available for the PalmOS and PocketPC.
  • Stanza - Electronic book reader and book sharing software for the iPhone. readers Includes product page, forums and support information.
  • Pubolab MiniBook - A shareware utility for the Casio pocket viewer.
  • Tom's eTextReader - A freeware reader available for download, features a book-like two-page form, which can open zip-files directly. Available for the Windows platform.
  • AbookReader - On-line freeware reader that displays .html versions of e-books eBooks as readers a 2-page book. Functions include e-books turning pages, adjustable fonts, readers and variable book size.
  • SpeakAlong from ThingTone Software - A talking storyteller. SpeakAlong is a book reader for Mac e-books OS X available in several editions, including a Bible edition, e-books each with hours of listening.
  • uBook Reader - A freeware, skinable application for the Windows and PocketPC platforms. readers Can handle .html, .txt, .rtf, .pdb and .prc formatted readers files.
  • Mobipocket Reader - This software comes in both free and commercial e-books forms, and allows for the display of the e-books proprietary Mobipocket e-book format. Available for Windows e-books and most hand-held platforms in both English and e-books French.
  • Rudenko Software BookReader - A freeware tool that includes various works as readers well as a personal library manager, bookmarks manager readers and on-line library browser.
  • GameBoy Book Reader - A freeware reader for the GameBoy and GameBoy readers Advance. Source code is available for download readers along with instructions.
  • Spacejock yBook - A freeware tool that will load text files and display the contents. Supports .txt, .html, .pdb, .prc and .rtf files.
  • FlipViewer - A commercial browser based document viewer that can readers be used to view FlipBooks, a proprietary format.
  • FBReader - Free (GPL) e-book reader for Linux PDA and software desktop that software support a number of formats (.txt, software .html, OEB, FB2, others). software Originally developed for Zaurus, software later ported to other Linux platforms.
  • Technology Associates EText Reader - A freeware (GPL) program that displays text, zip readers and gzip readers files for Windows and Linux. readers Source code available.
  • Mentoract Reader - A freeware cross-platform application that works with standards-compliant e-books works, such as .oeb and .html formatted texts.
  • EBook for EPOC - A shareware reader for the EPOC device that e-books can read readers Palm Doc formatted texts (.prc and e-books .pdb) as well as readers regular text documents. Available e-books in multiple languages.
  • EBK EBook - A freeware application for the Windows platform. software Supports multiple software formats, source code available.
  • Annabel Blue Cannibal's GRM (Graphic Reading Module) Matrix - A web-based program with a design inspired by H R Giger, The Matrix, 3d art and VRML. A number of texts available for use, including exclusive works by author Colin James McKinlay.
  • ReadManiac - Open source reader for mobile phones with Java readers support. Web readers site includes a detailed presentation, an readers online manual and screenshots.
  • Readme - Mobile Phone eBook Reader - Readme is a freeware book reader program written e-books in java (MIDP 1.0) for mobile phones.
  • - Book Readers - PalmDoc readers for Palm OS.
  • EBookME - Open source (LGPL) ebook reader for mobile phones software with Java e-books ME (MIDP 1.0). Supports multiple languages.
  • TomeRaider - A freeware application for the TomeRaider format. readers Available for software PalmOS, EPOC, PocketPC and Windows platforms.
  • Rest For the Weary: Character building E-books and poems. - Old story books, no longer under copyright, for readers the free enjoyment of everyone. Character building books readers and poems for free.
  • DeepReader - A shareware tool for the PalmOS specifically designed e-books to make readers your reading experience more enjoyable.
  • iSilo Document Reader - A freeware application for the PalmOS, PocketPC and Windows platforms. software Supports the proprietary iSilo format.

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