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In the first segment of a two-part story, the history of Virtual Machines is explained, how they operate in "real" machines, how hardware virtualization works, and the techniques used by VMware's virtualization technology. The second part descri

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  • LinuxGazette 86 - Is vmWare good for Linux users? - Alan Ward describes the pros and cons of emulators vmWare for intel x86 architecture the Linux enthusiast.
  • OSNews.com - VMWare Workstation 4.0 Review - A review of the Workstation line of the VMware software.
  • Transam - London-based IT consultancy and systems integrator that provides vmware VMware knowledge.
  • Invirtus - Software to optimize and compact VMware Workstation and intel x86 architecture vmware GSX Server VMs, Microsoft Virtual PC and Virtual intel x86 architecture vmware Server VMs automatically.
  • Merrill Lynch Inks Deal With VMware - Merrill Lynch and Co., a leading Wall Street emulators brokerage and intel x86 architecture financial management company in New York, emulators is deploying "virtual machine" intel x86 architecture software from VMware Inc. emulators throughout its production environments and on intel x86 architecture more than emulators 27,000 desktops.
  • Virtual Machines and VMware - In the first segment of a two-part story, the history vmware of Virtual Machines is explained, how they operate in "real" vmware machines, how hardware virtualization works, and the techniques used by vmware VMware\'s virtualization technology. The second part descri
  • VMware - A popular multi-function virtualizer for Windows and Linux.
  • ITworld.com - IBM and VMware work on partitioning tools - IBM Corp. and VMware Inc. announced a partnership intel x86 architecture emulators Tuesday to work on improving partitioning software for intel x86 architecture emulators high end Intel-based servers.
  • VMWare on OpenBSD - Provides description and downloads to run VMware to intel x86 architecture vmware some extent on OpenBSD.
  • Honeypotting with VMware - An article about how to use VMware to emulators produce honeypots intel x86 architecture to catch system-intruders.
  • EWeek.com - VMware Software Will Consolidate Applications, Services - With more enterprises looking for solutions that enable emulators them to intel x86 architecture consolidate applications and infrastructure services running emulators on diverse operating systems, intel x86 architecture VMware Inc. has released emulators VMware ESX Server 1.5.
  • LinuxPlanet - VMware 2.0: Virtually Magnificent - Two OSes, One Machine - Michael Hall reviews the version 2.0 of this product.
  • Monitoring VMware Honeypots - Describes how to use VMware to create honeypots to capture system-intruders.
  • CNET News.com - VMware wins deal with Microsoft - The maker of software that lets computers run intel x86 architecture intel x86 architecture several operating systems simultaneously says Microsoft is using intel x86 architecture intel x86 architecture its application to simplify product demos.
  • VMware on Slackware Linux - Describes the necessary steps to get VMware running intel x86 architecture on a PC running Slackware Linux.
  • PlateSpin Ltd. - Provides tools for automated conversion between physical and vmware virtual architectures vmware in the data center.
  • HP extends VMWare support - HP announced plans to fully support the Windows, vmware NetWare and vmware Linux operating systems running on top vmware of VMWare\\'s virtual machine vmware software as part of vmware an extension of its partnership with vmware the maker vmware of virtual machine software for Intel systems.
  • Rob's guide to using VMware - The Trainer and Consultant and author of the emulators book "Rob\\'s intel x86 architecture guide to using VMware" describes the emulators book and provides tips intel x86 architecture and tricks for working emulators with VMware.
  • Littlewhitedog.com - VMware for Windows NT/2000 - A review of the software for Windows.
  • Tony's VMware Site - Offers a package that enables Network, CD ROM, emulators and Sound vmware in a Windows For Workgroups 3.11 emulators Virtual Machine. Also provides vmware tipps for setting up emulators Windows for Workgroups 3.11 inside VMware.

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