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Simulates a x86 processor and can be used to run Linux as a guest. It also can be used to accelerate bochs by executing user code inside the plex86 VM, while letting bochs execute kernel code and IO functionality inside the emulator.

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  • Bintrans - A dynamic binary translator that runs programs on computers architectures they were not compiled for. It does computers this by dynamically translating the machine code of computers the programs to be run to machine code computers for the native architecture. Documentation, screenshots, downloa
  • Bochs-RFB - An addition to Bochs that connects to an emulated OS emulators over a network using the RFB protcol used in VNC. emulators Provides news about the application and lists available releases.
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  • Plex86 x86 Virtual Machine Project - Simulates a x86 processor and can be used emulators to run emulators Linux as a guest. It also emulators can be used to emulators accelerate bochs by executing emulators user code inside the plex86 VM, emulators while letting emulators bochs execute kernel code and IO functionality inside emulators emulators the emulator.
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  • JPC - Computer Virtualization in Java - A pure Java emulation of an x86 PC emulators with fully virtual peripherals, licensed under the GNU emulators GPL. Describes the implementation and shows some screenshots emulators as well as online-versions of the emulator running emulators FreeDOS and GNU/Linux.
  • Emu8086 - Basic 8086 emulator for Windows. Includes short tutorial intel x86 architecture emulators and list of commands supported.
  • - Alessandro Perilli\\'s blog covering Microsoft, VMWare and related computers virtual machine products.
  • PCE - IBM PC Emulator - An IBM PC 5150 emulator. The emulation is computers complete enough emulators to boot DOS and run most computers DOS applications. Description and emulators Downloads.
  • Bochs-Tools - A collection of scripts and programs to be intel x86 architecture emulators used together with the Bochs-emulator. The main goal intel x86 architecture emulators was to provide a Unix-like interface to the intel x86 architecture emulators emulator and to enable access to Bochs disk-images intel x86 architecture emulators from outside of Bochs.
  • Guest PC - - Virtual x86 Computer for Macs, runs instead of intel x86 architecture Mac OS for better performance.
  • - Building the Virtual PC - A software emulator shows that the PowerPC can emulators emulate another computer, down to its very hardware.
  • Plex86 - An open source alternative to VMWare.
  • Bochs-Win32 - A page providing some additional information about running bochs on Windows. Provides a registry-file to start bochs with double-click on the configuration-files.
  • VirtualBox - An x86 virtualization software package developed by Sun Microsystems. Distributed under either the GNU GPL or a proprietary license with additional features.
  • - Windows Emulators for Linux: VMware, Win4Lin Face Off - Computerworld community member Charles Bushong tests and compares emulators Windows emulation packages for Linux and finds clear emulators differences.
  • moka5 LivePC - Provides a virtual computer that can be run from USB flash drive without installing anything on the desktop computer.
  • Virtual Machine from Parallels - Parallels virtual machine allows users to run multiple computers operating systems (Windows, Linux, FreeBSD, OS/2 etc.) in computers independent virtual machines on a single physical computer. computers Products, support, download.
  • Bochs IA-32 Emulator Project - An open source emulator for all popular architectures and operating computers systems.
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  • Digital FX!37 - Running 32-bit x86 Applications on Windows NT Alpha. A paper intel x86 architecture from the Usenix Windows NT Workshop.[PDF]
  • How Bochs works under the hood - A description of how Bochs is implemented internally (Work in progress).

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