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Designer's color scheme lab. Choose colors by clicking on the hue-symmetrical color wheel on the left. Choices appear side-by-side on the right with hexadecimal html and decimal rgb codes and all text / background combinations. Each shading series, colors

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See Also:
  • Hexagonal Hues - Web publisher\\'s coloring book, with names and hex values for colors HTML colors.
  • Color Scheme Generator - Palette creator based on use of a color wheel.
  • Color Management for the World Wide Web - A case study in color management for distributed web digital media.
  • Hype's Color Specifier for Netscape - Vertical chart of image bars with names, hexadecimal and RGB colors codes, includes an HTML page with the chosen color.
  • VisiBone - Printed references and free resources for web design, with Color, HTML, and Style Sheets. Free services include Color Lab, Swatch Libraries and all hexadecimal color codes on screen at once Decimal RGB version too.
  • Colors 4 Webmasters - Colorpicker, choose the right combination of colors from colors the websafe palette, name palette, colorsets. Generate CSS-code, colors user-friendly interface to try different color combination. Note: colors May not support some browsers.
  • Background Color Gallery - These background color images are available for use colors on UC colors Berkeley Library Web pages. The appropriate colors mark-up to use in colors HTML documents to access colors a particular background color is listed colors directly below colors each image.
  • Using Colour on the Web - A brief overview about how to effectively use red, green colors and blue, as well as the Websafe palette.
  • HTML Color Chart - Browser-safe colors and color names.
  • Browsersafe Colours - A javascript illustration of the 216 basic colors and their codes, plus a suggestion that there are perhaps only 212 or 8 safe ones.
  • Unsafe Color Match - Create color themes beyond the safe color palette.
  • Color Blender - Takes two user-defined valid colors and creates a graphics palette using colors a set number of points between graphics the colors.
  • 216 Color Webmaster's Palette Color Lab - Designer\\'s color scheme lab. Choose colors by clicking colors on the hue-symmetrical color wheel on the left. colors Choices appear side-by-side on the right with hexadecimal colors html and decimal rgb codes and all text colors / background combinations. Each shading series, colors
  • Easy RGB - Match RGB and color data to real products graphics and color web collections. Convert color data and find graphics color complements, schemes and web harmonies.
  • Netscape Color Map - Move mouse over hexagon palettes and the hexadecimal, web RBG, percent and font color codes will appear. web Click and move arrow to selected color to web lock into place.
  • Color Chart by Owens4 - An alphabetical listing of color names that give web both a web hexadecimal and RGB color code, when web selected. Also, works as web a solid color background web tester for text.
  • About Web Color Definitions - Web colors in Hex, RGB, MSAccess and VBA. web With RGB to Hex converter, color cubez, 216 web safe colors, and HTML tutorial links.
  • Non-dithering Colours - A table of the 216 non-dithering colors, with an explanation of dithering and an example of how text looks in different colors.
  • moreCrayons - Resource for web designers and developers to test colors an expanded palette of 4,096 colors for the colors web. The web-smart palette pages show different demonstrations colors of the palette.
  • Colorspeak - An experiment to explore how colors are perceived colors and associate with the so-called safe palette.
  • Marianne's Color Codes - Over 2000 colors and their hex codes to colors use in graphics building HTML web sites, plus over colors 100 colors by name graphics and a hexadecimal number colors conversion chart.
  • Oultwood Web Color Chart - HTML color chart showing which combinations are most suitable for colors web page design.
  • GoToMy(dot)com - A 400+ hexadecimal color chart.
  • Color Palette Creator - Uses blended colors and transparency to create color colors schemes.
  • Web Safe Colors - A well organized listing of the 216 web safe colors.
  • Colour Names - List of color (colour) names supported in HTML. colors How to use color numbers if one of colors the predefined names is not what is wanted.
  • The Browser-Safe Color Palette - Article about non-dithering colors in browsers, by Lynda Weinman.
  • HTML Color Codes - All 216 web safe hexadecimal HTML color codes web arranged by graphics hue in a one-screen color wheel. web Swatch library arrangement of graphics colors. Decimal RGB chart web also.
  • Web Colors Homepage - A visual guide to choosing colors for web graphics pages. Interactive palettes to experiment with the colors.

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