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Test HTML colors with various browsers and display settings. Use its resizable color swatches to experiment with web page color schemes.

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See Also:
  • Website Color Picker - JavaScript utility to test unlimited combinations of colors authoring for the online tools background, text, links and visited links authoring of websites.
  • Pantone Color Look up - Service to look up Pantone spot colors (PMS) colors using Hex authoring or RGB color input.
  • HTML Colors - Test HTML colors with various browsers and display settings. Use its resizable color swatches to experiment with web page color schemes.
  • Clear Ink DynaKewb - Web-based color testing and examples. Uses the web-safe colors palette.
  • HTML Color Chooser - HTML color chooser utility which generates hex codes for insertion into HTML code.
  • Michelle's Color Tester - Choose and view various combinations of three colors, authoring in Internet authoring Explorer or Netscape 6. Results are authoring revealed in Hexadecimal numbers.
  • The Chromograf - Color maps and gradients creation, and color-codes converters.
  • Painted Pages - Javascript to help webmasters choose harmonious colors for online tools web online tools pages.
  • Color Wheel - A color/colour wheel picker and selector to determine online tools the online tools HTML hexadecimal codes of 4096 colors by online tools just moving online tools the mouse around. Note: May not online tools support some browsers.
  • RGB Color Tool - Color tool to teach you how to use online tools RGB colors in HTML and CSS.
  • Back To Font Web Color Picker - A color picker designed to help you select authoring background and font colors for webpages.
  • Color Coordinator - A web based set of HSV color pickers colors that can authoring be linked to create color schemes. colors Colors are expressed in authoring variable scale HSV/RGB and colors web hex.
  • Color Maker - JavaScript version to check text and links against authoring different solid and textured backgrounds.
  • Palettizer CSS Color Contrast Picker - A dynamic css color picker to select color authoring contrasts between css font and background colors. A authoring range of web safe palettes is available including authoring the little known css \'user preferences\' color palette.
  • RGB Color Calculator - Convert between 0-255 RGB values and HTML hex colors code dialup online tools color calculator. Can use several colors kinds of increments for online tools changing the red, green colors and blue settings. Includes brief RGB online tools and HEX colors tutorials.
  • Hex Mixer - HTML color charts for browser-safe color selection. Provides online tools both online tools hex codes and RGB values.

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