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See Also:
  • QBullets - Small icons to be put on web sites.
  • PatriotIcon.org - Free patriotic flag icons and images to use on web web sites or desktop.
  • ICON CLAW - Garfield and Simpsons icon gallery.
  • Disability Graphics - A collection of computer graphics for use on web pages, in newsletters, and elsewhere.
  • Fractus Icons - A collection of fractal generated icons. All icons are 32x32 icons pixels and in GIF format.
  • The Icon Gallery - A large collection of still and animated LiveJournal icons icons.
  • The Email Icon Pages - A growing collection of static and animated email free icons.
  • Jeffery Zeldman's Icons - Collection of icons for web sites, or specially free formatted packages icons for Mac, Windows, or Unix desktop.
  • Flip Flop Flyin' - A bunch of silly GIFs icons created scientifically web to help web make a better tomorrow.
  • Anthony's Icon Archive - Classic graphics archive with arrows, balls, buttons, and free many standard icons icons.
  • IconBAZAAR - Archive of icons to aid HTML developers in building their icons own personal Web pages.
  • Web Link Icons - Offers original web icons that use the 216 web "browser safe" web colors.

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