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  • NameIconz.com - Create custom, personalized icons with your name on instant messaging it. instant messaging Many different styles, text and images.
  • My Buddy Icons - My Buddy Icons is an easy-to-use AIM buddy aol instant messenger icon tool. It allows you to customize, modify aol instant messenger or make your own buddy icons, then send aol instant messenger them directly to your AIM.
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  • Dollz Icon Maker - Tools to create dollz icons for AIM. buddy icons Includes aol instant messenger large library of downloadable icons.
  • Buddyicon.info - Buddy icons and away messages that you can add to instant messaging your AOL Instant Messenger window.
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  • Eddies Icons - Site has band, funny, and nice icons. Users instant messaging can aol instant messenger request icons.
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  • Alien Entity - Offers free downloads of icons for AIM, computer desktop and buddy icons emotion graphics for message boards.
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