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Cryptography is the art of creating and using cryptosystems. This category contains sites related to cryptography, as well as cryptanalysis (the art of breaking cryptosystems).

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Snake Oil FAQ* - Guide to evaluating the quality and fitness for purpose of cryptography tools.

  • International Association for Cryptologic Research (IACR) - Non-profit scientific organisation intended to further research in hacking cryptology.
  • Crypto-Gram - Free monthly email newsletter covering developments in cryptography and other cryptography computer security issues.
  • The Cipher Challenge - History of a code cracking competition. Challenge details, how it computers was solved, winners, essays and photo gallery.
  • RSA - Hacking and Cracking - Discusses security problems and possible attacks against the RSA cryptosystem.
  • Handbook of Applied Cryptography - Reference work available for free download (with restrictions) cryptography from the cryptography Web.
  • Frode Weierud's Cryptology Page - History of cryptography, cipher machines and their simulation, cryptography cryptanalysis and other code breaking techniques.
  • Choosing a Good Password - Tips on choosing a difficult to crack password and pitfalls in password selection.
  • Standard Cryptographic Algorithm Naming - Provides references for a collection of cryptographic algorithms, assigning each hacking an ASCII name and zero or more aliases.
  • Cryptography FAQ - Ten part FAQ list that is essential reading computers for any cryptography newcomer to cryptography.
  • Cyphernomicon - Tim May\'s CryptoNotes, and an introduction to the cryptography Cypherpunks.
  • Deschall - Articles describing the first crack of a DES-encrypted hacking message, with hacking some source code and mailing list hacking archives.
  • Strong Cryptography Links on the Internet - Dealing with cryptography, information security, cryptographers government, commercial, university, and computers personal sites, newsgroups, publications, programs and applications.
  • CryptoMX Tools - Set of cryptography tools written entirely in JavaScript, cryptography designed to computers work on any computer with a cryptography JavaScript capable browser.
  • Cypherpunks - Group, with mailing list, that is interested in cryptography privacy and computers cryptography.
  • The Munitions Maker Graphic - Campaign to distribute image (rsa2d.gif) in protest of ITAR regulations that treat encryption as munitions.
  • International Cryptography Freedom - Links to cryptography related downloads and information from hacking around the computers world.
  • Crypto Machines - Features machines and systems used in secure communications. hacking Includes brief history on cryptography.
  • A Cryptographic Compendium - Outline of the various types of cipher systems cryptography that have computers been used historically and the relationships cryptography between them.
  • Adam Back's Homepage: Cypherspace - Find information on some cryptanalytic hacks, breaking weak hacking cryptosystems and cryptography links to more cryptography related websites.
  • Randomness and the Netscape Browser - Article about cracking the original Netscape encryption algorithm, and links to resources for generating crypto strength randomness.
  • Why Cryptography Is Harder Than It Looks - Essay on pitfalls of implementing and using secure hacking systems.
  • Coderpunks - Little sister of the cypherpunk mailing list. Discussion computers of implementations of strong, robust cryptosystems.
  • An Overview of Cryptography by Gary C. Kessler - Defines cryptographic terms and concepts, offers crypto scheme hacking comparison, and cryptography provides some real world examples.
  • Cryptography World - Introduction to cryptography, including concepts, key management and computers application.

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