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New line of System coolers that tackle all of these needs in one easy to use tower PC and server cooling system.

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The Heatsink Guide* - Thorough, covers many topics about PC cooling, with recommendations, in-depth information, FAQ, links.

  • 2CoolTek - Sells air-cooled CPU coolers, fans and theremoelectric modules fans and cooling fans and cooling devices devices for cooling of hot PC equipment.
  • PC Power and Cooling - Makes top-quality PC-compatible cases, CPU fans, and power hardware supplies.
  • Fulltech Electric Co., Ltd. - Makes cooling fans: AC, axial, AC tube axial, fans and cooling fans and cooling devices devices cross flow, AC centrifugal, external rotor, guards, filters, fans and fans and cooling devices cooling devices duct rings. ISO certified. Taoyuan, Taiwan.
  • Crazy PC LLC - Sells many types of computer cooling, cases and fans and cooling hardware devices modifications, game accessories, and hardware. Walled Lake, Michigan, fans and hardware cooling devices USA.
  • Buka Della Festa S.a.s. - Makes ALZAmela, an accessory to cool Mac laptops fans and cooling hardware devices by raising them above the sufrace of desk fans and hardware cooling devices or table. Modena, Italy.
  • Circuit-Test Electronics Ltd. - Cooling fans, tools, panel meters, breadboards, educational electronic components kits, training fans and cooling devices videos and circuit design software.
  • Dynatron Corp. - Makes fan (AC axial, DC brushless), active coolers, fans and cooling components devices passive heat sinks, heat pipes, blowers, cross flow fans and components cooling devices blowers, water coolers, for CPUs, chipsets, power supplies. fans components and cooling devices Fremont, California, USA; Taipei, Taiwan.
  • Standard Engineering & Metal Stamping Sdn Bhd: SEMS - Engineering firm, designs and makes heat sinks and components various metal stamped parts for electronics and car components markets. ISO 9001 certified. Selangor, Malaysia.
  • JMC Products - Offers a full line of thermal products including AC and hardware DC fans, heat sinks, blowers, plus cooling solutions for all hardware AMD and Intel processors.
  • Acadia Technology Inc. - Provides a thermal solutions including CPU coolers, aluminum fans and cooling components devices cases, thermal electric coolers, power supplies, and accessories.
  • Bi-Sonic Technology Corp. - Designs, makes fans (AC tubular axial, DC brushless fans and cooling devices and cross flow, accessories), brushless motors. ISO 9001, fans and cooling devices QS 9000 certified. English, Chinese. Hsin-Tien City, Taiwan.
  • Cool Innovations Inc. - Manufacturer of pin fin heat sinks. Available for surface mount fans and cooling devices components, through-hole components, CPUs and power modules.
  • Thermo Cool Corp. - Makes, distributes pin fin heat sinks, extrusions, skive hardware fin and thermal cooling systems; ISO 9002, QS hardware 9000 certified. San Jose, California, USA.
  • Quiet PC - Provides PC noise elimination solutions to make your fans and cooling devices computer run quietly.
  • Sunon - Global manufacturer specializing in the design and development hardware of electronic fans and cooling devices cooling fans and blowers.
  • Coolercases UK - This provides AeroCool CPU coolers, fans, grills, lighting components kits, window components kits, cables, thumb screws, window stickers components and tools.
  • Wakefield Engineering - Manufacturer of heat sinks and cooling fans for components electronics industry.
  • Pure Silence - Sells noise reduction products: fans, power supplies, heatsinks, HDD coolers. London, UK.
  • Frozen CPU - Computer heatsinks, atx cases and cooling fans.
  • PC Case Gear Pty Ltd. - Sells wide variety of computer cases and components. hardware Melbourne, Australia.
  • CoolerGuys - CPU fans and cooling devices. Hard drive cooling components and case cooling.
  • Plycon Computers - Fans, filters, heat sinks, cpu\'s, all hardware and cooling solutions.
  • Neng Tyi Precision Industries Co. Ltd. - Fans and cooling devices.
  • Chiefly Choice Co., Ltd. - Makes AC axial fans, DC brushless and cross fans and cooling fans and cooling devices devices flow fans, and blowers, for computers, consumer electronics, fans and fans and cooling devices cooling devices communication and industrial systems. Taipei, Taiwan.
  • PCLincs - Online PC retail website catering for all, from entry level components through to power user. Specialising in water cooling, case modding components and overclocking equipment.
  • HPIC - Offers a range of processor coolers, fans, and heat sinks. hardware Based in Taiwan.
  • Accel Thermal & La Habra Screw Machine - Makes heat sinks, electronic cooling products, aluminum extrusions, stampings, and components does CNC machining. Brea, California, USA.
  • - PC and case modifications, fans and heatsinks.
  • Jaro Thermal - Makes cooling fans (heat resistant, fluid bearings, long life, high flow), logistics and technical services. ISO 9001/2 QS 9000 certified. Boca Raton, Florida, USA; Taiwan.
  • Sinwan Industrial Co. Ltd. - Manufacturers of blower fans, fan motors, guards and accessories.
  • Evercool Thermal Co., Ltd. - Makes coolers for notebooks, game consoles, CPUs, video hardware cards, hard disks, wrist pads; aluminum fans and hardware heat sinks, water coolers, heat pipes. Taiwan.
  • Greenstone USA, Inc. - Makes aluminum extruded heat sinks; vacuum tubes, capacitors, interrupters. ISO 9001 certified. Fremont, California, USA.
  • Sidewinder Computers - Hardware cooling products and rounded cables.
  • Cheng Home Electronic Co., Ltd. - Makes cooling fans (CPU, DC brushless), heat sinks, components coolers, radiators, CPU coolers, DC brushless motors. ISO components 9002 certified. Shinchu, Taiwan.
  • Global WIN Technology - Makes cooling systems for CPUs, power supplies, video components cards; air, components water, Peltier, heatsinks; HDD cases; for components OEMs and end users. components English, Chinese. Taipei, Taiwan.
  • The Computer Fan Outlet Store - Sells computer cooling fans for many different types components of PC hardware.
  • South Bay Engineering - New line of System coolers that tackle all of these hardware needs in one easy to use tower PC and server hardware cooling system.
  • Thermaltake Technology Co., Ltd. - Makes heat management and high-end power systems for components desktop PCs components and industrial use; ISO 9001 certified. components HQ Taiwan, branches North components America, Europe, Australia, Japan.
  • Everything Connected - Thermal compound and other products for system builders and overclockers.
  • Acoustic PC, Inc. - Offers fans, power supplies, cooling and noise reduction hardware products; illustrated catalog and online ordering. Miami, Florida, hardware USA.
  • - Sells quiet fans, heatsinks, watercooling kits; coolers for hardware CPUs, chipsets, hardware hard drives, laptops, monitors; cables, cases. hardware LHM Enterprises, Inc. Pittsford, hardware New York, USA.
  • ERM Thermal Technologies Inc. - Designs and manufactures standard and custom medium to fans and cooling hardware devices high power heat sink products.
  • Heatsink Factory - Sells cooling, overclocking, and quiet PC gear: fans, heatsinks, watercooling blocks, cables, accessories. Irvine, California, USA.
  • GB Tech - Specializing in supplying computer cooling devices, keyboards, mice hardware and cables.

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