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Reviews, news, information on quiet, low noise, and/or silent computers and components, silencing methods, DIY modifications, full systems, and their energy efficiency and thermal performance.

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The Silent PC* - Investigates and documents acoustic aspect of information technology, ergonomics, growing interest in and market for acoustic comfort, how ISO 9296 standard helps to identify quiet devices.
Silent PC Review: SPCR* - Reviews, news, information on quiet, low noise, and/or silent computers and components, silencing methods, DIY modifications, full systems, and their energy efficiency and thermal performance.

  • Build a Silent PC - Instructions on how to build quiet computers that systems still perform well, with all steps needed.
  • Cool and Quiet or Anti-Extreme Overclocking Experience - How to quiet graphics card, lower heat output, quiet and keep performance up. X-bit Labs.
  • Zonbu - Makes low power, fanless, diskless, silent, open source, systems subscription-based desktop quiet PC. subsidiary of PConRails LLC. Menlo systems Park, California, USA.
  • SolarPC - Makes and sells line of small, quiet, aluminum quiet cased notebook sized computers and conventional Common Building quiet Block (CBB) laptops; many standard and custom configurations. quiet Thousand Oaks, California, USA.
  • The Sound of Silence - Treats quieting computers for music recording studio; product systems names and links. Electronic Musician.
  • Silence is Golden - Project to quiet a server cabinet (with 100baseTX quiet hub) and quiet desktop PC; medium long text, photos. quiet Flare Development Group.
  • Searching for the Very Silent PC - Small article explains market, and why it exists. quiet CNN.com.
  • Shhh! Constructing a Truly Quiet Gaming PC - Short article, with links and many reader comments. systems Slashdot.
  • How to Build a Dead Silent PC - Article of instructions. Predecessor to website: Build a hardware Silent PC. hardCOREware.net.
  • Silent Computing - Short article on desire and means for silent computing. Low End Mac.
  • LinSentio - Makes, configures, sells silent PCs, with Linux and other open source software. Eindhoven, Netherlands.
  • Thermal Fan-Control Circuit - Describes circuit to lower the noise made by all fans hardware in one case; text, block diagram. Overclockers Australia.
  • Quiet PC - Sells worldwide, systems and parts: power supplies, cases, systems case fans, CPU coolers, video card coolers, sound systems proofing, hard drive enclosures, motherboard heatsinks, case feet, systems cables, adapters. Malton, UK.
  • Silencing Your PC - The cooling needs of current PCs often make them sound quiet like air conditioners. Learn how to quiet them. ExtremeTech.
  • Computer Noise Insulation Case - Report on building a noise protection case for systems computers with systems active ventilation for cooling the unit; systems details, drawings, photos, parts systems list, downloads. English, Deutsch.
  • EndPCNoise.com - Sells quiet and silent systems and parts: hard systems drives, power supplies, fans (CPU, motherboard, case, video systems card); since 1999. Vancouver, Washington, USA.
  • Thinkmate Virtually-Silent Workstations: VSX - Makes, sells higher performance systems; meets ISO 9001:2000, quiet has sub-25dB heatsinks, aluminum chassis. Waltham, Massachusetts, USA.
  • Making a Silent, Tiny, Diskless PC - Briefly describes project, with photo, reader comments, questions. Hackdiary.
  • VeryPC Ltd. - Provides green computer systems, other support and services: systems Apple and systems PC networking, network, bespoke equipment, contracting. systems Sheffield, United Kingdom.
  • Mappit A4F Fanless Computer - Makes, sells fanless PC system based on VIA systems Mini-ITX motherboards, quiet special design interior and aluminum case. systems Schneider Elektronik GmbH and quiet Co. KG. [English and systems German]
  • King Young Technology Co., Ltd. - Makes SUMICOM: SUper MIni COMputer; very small, low power, silent. Taipei City, Taiwan.
  • Tranquil PC Ltd. - Makes and sells quiet and small silent PCs. systems Manchester, UK.
  • Building a Dead Silent PC - Short article, with links and many reader comments. Slashdot.
  • Hush Technologies, Inc. - Makes and sells line of ergonomic and aesthetically systems designed silent hardware computer systems to end users, original systems equipment manufacturers (OEMs), resellers. hardware English, Deutsch. Stuttgart, Germany.
  • Esoteric Computers - Lists projects, details, photos. Convection Plant: no fans or pumps, only silent convective water cooling; Test Rig: research into pumpless, fanless, CPU water cooling.
  • Logic Supply, Inc. - Makes and sells custom Mini/Nano/Pico-ITX, and other small quiet systems and quiet parts, mainly for industry-specific embedded and quiet applied system markets. South quiet Burlington, Vermont, USA.
  • AOpen Inc.: Small Form Factor - Links to quiet PCs, sold worldwide: bare system, MiniPC, XC quiet cube, ePC. Milpitas, California, USA. Home: Taipei, Taiwan.
  • Review: Linspire Mini Koobox - By Joe \\'Zonker\\' Brockmeier. Linux-based Koobox mini is hardware a full quiet PC in a very small, quiet hardware package, and worth a quiet look. Linux.com.
  • Wikipedia: Quiet PC - Encyclopedia article, with links to many topics.
  • Pogo Linux, Inc.: Quiet PC Guarantee - Makes and sells Linux workstations that run below hardware 32 dB, systems smoothly with no vibration, are stable hardware and handle high loads systems with no overheats. Tukwila, hardware Washington, USA.
  • Fan Noise Solutions - How to lower noise level from PC cooling fans, various electronic circuit construction guides, and mechanical means.
  • Puget Silent Professional Workstation - High performance, reliable, full size desktop computer, ships hardware in 3-5 business days. Puget Custom Computers. Seattle, hardware Washington, USA.
  • What is an Acoustical Noise Declaration? - Explanation with links, references. IBM.
  • Noise Insulation Case - Detailed study of project to build a highly systems sound insulating hardware wooden case for a tower PC, systems about 150 photos. English, hardware Finnish.

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