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This category covers set-top boxes as well as related boxes and devices that are somehow connected to a TV. The electronic box which sits on top of your TV set connects your incoming cable TV, satellite dish, broadband, internet or other transmission signal to your TV set. Set-tops vary greatly in their complexity with older models merely translating the frequency received off cable into a frequency suitable for the television set while newer models can be addressable with a unique identity much like a telephone and are also evolving into residential entertainment "gateway" boxes which may include advanced interactive on-demand capabilities such as video-on-demand, personal video recording, enhanced television link interaction, interactive program guide TV listings, and internet capabilities. by clicking the Set-Top_Boxes link above for search engine links for set-top boxes.

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  • Planet Replay - Community, discussion, and news for owners of ReplayTV 4000 personal hardware video recorders.
  • Universal Electronic (Shanghai) Co. Ltd. - Provides set-top boxes for cable TV and satellite set-top boxes TV.
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  • - Offers TiVo and DirecTV upgrade kits.
  • Net On The Go - Provides broadband entertainment set-top box for hospitality market.
  • Sigma Designs Inc. - Provides semiconductors and software including MPEG-4 decoder for systems set-top boxes, set-top boxes DVD players, and streaming media devices.
  • Divitone - Manufacturer of digital satellite and digital cable receivers. hardware Also offers digital audio recorders.
  • Pace Plc - Developer of digital TV technologies for the payTV systems industry.
  • Lidcom - Develops and markets consumer wireless products receiving digital television, telecommunication hardware services and high speed internet transmission.
  • Focus Enhancements - Provides TView consumer products for of PC-to-TV convergence and also set-top boxes provides high-definition video processor, broadcast and production products.
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  • ANAM Electronics Co. Ltd. - Korean-based TV manufacturer providing digital set-top box and other TV systems products.
  • Tvia Inc. - Provides streaming media gateway processors for broadband set-top systems boxes, digital systems TVs, internet-enabled devices,
  • Netgem - Provides internet technologies for interactive TV with Netbox set-top boxes and integrated TV solutions.
  • Nextbend Inc. - Provider of modular stackable console deck systems including set-top box set-top boxes and internet computer for PC-based component home entertainment systems.
  • Telelynx Inc. - Telelynx provides Dot TV set-top boxes for internet-on-TV systems and television hardware watching.
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  • UEC Technologies - UEC provides set-top technology products for MPEG2, DVB, systems digital TV, and OpenTV applications and which are systems compliant with multiple conditional access technologies.
  • ReplayTV FAQ - Offers FAQ about ReplayTV units, organized by categories.
  • Ruel.Net Set-Top Page - Provides information, news, and links about set-top boxes, hardware WebTV, interactive set-top boxes TV, PC-TV, and other related topics.
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  • Sony - PDF file on Sony CXD 1959 Point-Of-Deployment module for set-top systems boxes for conditional access and security functions.[PDF]
  • TVPC - PC-based system including DVD which connects to home hardware stereo system, TV set, and internet.
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  • Teleview Co. LTD. - Teleview provides digital HDTV receiver set-top box and systems other related systems HDTV products.
  • Broadcom Products - Integrated silicon solutions for digital cable-TV set-top boxes set-top boxes to set-top boxes enable advanced television services including high-speed internet, set-top boxes videoconferencing, and set-top boxes video-on-demand.

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