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Steve Mann presents link collections on technology, complete systems and people as well as short articles on e.g. applications and definitions, plus news and a FAQ.

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See Also:
  • Communicating Scarf - Hybrid design between real and virtual from Electronic hardware Shadow.[Mostly French systems but nice pictures and a movie]
  • The RadioSphere WearTech Page - Information on wearable computing technologies within the RadioSpere realm.
  • Wearables Links - Annotated link collection containing topics like wrist computers, direct brain hardware connection and "almost wearable".
  • Wearforge - Wiki on hard- and software. Contains views on a minimal wearables system and overviews on complete systems and individual components.
  • Wearable Computing Resource Page - A variety of sources and links for wearable computing.
  • TekGear - Online shop which resells several commercial wearable systems as well as displays and components to build an own one.
  • InfoGargoyle - A weblog on Wearable Computing, Cyborg and related hardware news.
  • Mobile and Ubiquitous Computing Course - The complete course by Thad Starner includes suggested systems readings, slides and assignments.
  • Wearable Computer Resource - Thoroughly commented link collection on wearable computers, software, hardware, research, commercial, communication as well as clothes.
  • Wearable Computing - eyetap.org - Steve Mann presents link collections on technology, complete wearables systems hardware and people as well as short wearables articles on e.g. applications hardware and definitions, plus news wearables and a FAQ.
  • Wearables Central - Information and tools about building wearable computers.
  • Augmented Reality - Link collection on augmented reality research and systems describing usages wearables for wearable computing.

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