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The group extensively describes its MIThril system: a complete wearable computer from hardware to applications. Also overviews of other projects as well as papers and people are given.

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  • Mobile Augmented Reality Systems (MARS) - The project at Columbia University informs on application scenarios (e.g. campus information system, journalist\\'s workbench) as well as the system architecture.
  • Georgia Tech's Contextual Computing Group - The research group provides info on work and publications as wearables well as links, mostly on applications for wearable computing.
  • - The group at the University of Birmingham with several wearable wearables hardware systems presents their projects, papers and lots of pictures.
  • University of Oregon - Wearable Computing Laboratory - presents their projects on wearable communities and ad-hoc research groups and projects middleware, and give a list of their on-line research groups and projects publications and members.
  • [email protected] - The EU project strives to apply wearable computing to increase systems the productivity of the work force in the areas emergency, systems healthcare, maintenance and production. Overview of business cases, publications, consortium systems and milestones as well as a definition o
  • Wearable Computer Lab of Unisa - The group of the University of South Australia research groups and wearables projects works on outdoor augmented reality and necessary input research groups wearables and projects devices and offers summaries of their projects.
  • Wearable Computing Laboratory at ETH Z├╝rich - The university group presents its research and various student projects mainly focused on hardware as well as its vision for wearable computing.
  • US Army LandWarrior - Describes the military communication and positioning system with wearables lots of links.
  • MIT: Wearable Computing - The group extensively describes its MIThril system: a systems complete wearable wearables computer from hardware to applications. Also systems overviews of other projects wearables as well as papers systems and people are given.
  • Coatnet group at Carnegie Mellon - The research group on electronic textiles for ambient wearables intelligence shows their journal articles and other publications wearables as well as their vision and members.
  • University of Essex Wearables site - The group gives information on their Sulawesi framework, systems their members and publications and a recipe for systems building an own wearable.
  • Industrial Ergonomics Group of Birmingham University - The project focuses on the human factors involved research groups and wearables projects with the use of wearable computers.
  • Mobile Augmented Reality Interface Sign Interpretation Language - A numeric keyboard is \\'projected\\' onto one of the user\\'s hands for dialing. Follow the "Paula" link for more information.

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