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Clothes that integrate electronic components and wires to enable consumer electronic applications.

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  • MIT Musical Jacket - The jacket synthesizes MIDI sound based on button wearable electronics presses wearables on a sewn-on key pad. Demonstrated in wearable electronics several mpeg wearables movies.
  • 5050 Ltd - The designer group presents several examples of wearable systems appliances for wearables the fashion and home area.
  • Burton Analog Clone MD Snowboarding Jacket - Minidisk player integrated into a jacket. Sleeve control systems using pressure-sensitive systems materials.
  • Clothing+ - Finlandic enterprise focusing on the design and manufacture of wearable technology.
  • Wearable Electronics of Infineon - Concept pictures including a thermogenerator jacket, a general wearable electronics description what Wearable Electronics is, presentations and some wearable electronics press releases.

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