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The motherboard or main circuit board is the most critical building block of any Personal Computer. Sub-systems including the CPU, system chipset, memory, system I/O, expansion bus and other important components run directly off the motherboard.

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See Also:
  • ASRock - Global motherboard manufacturer. Carries some unusual motherboard concepts.
  • DFI Inc. - Offers industrial boards, touch panel PCs, LAN party components motherboards and motherboards accessories.
  • HiTech Global Distribution, LLC - Distribution of prototyping Boards, IP Cores, and Design motherboards Tools
  • - Motherboard database sorted by Slot/Socket, chipset, name and motherboards manufacturer. Also includes driver downloads, some BIOSes, and motherboards identification information.
  • Motherboard Pro - Specialist retailer of motherboards and accessories. Provides a hardware range of computer mainboards from, including AT, ATX, hardware and Micro ATX Motherboards.
  • EPoX Computer - PC motherboard manufacturer. Other products include graphics cards components and mini-ITX components form factor equipment.
  • Shuttle Inc. - Manufacturer and supplier of computer mainboards and add-in components cards.
  • Foxconn Technology Group - Motherboard manufacturer, certified by ATi.
  • BCM - Taiwanese motherboard manufacturer, specialising in high-end x86 architecture components motherboards for hardware dedicated hardware and embedded systems.
  • Supermicro Computer, Inc. - Motherboards, chassis, power supplies and other key components.
  • Electronic Sales Associates Inc. - Offers 486, 586 and PIII motherboard solutions for commercial and hardware industrial embedded applications.
  • MSI Computer - Computer motherboard manufacturer (and other parts) providing up to date information and online support.
  • Nvidia - Motherboard and chipset manufacturer. Also produces the GeForce GPU.
  • ABIT Computer Corp. - Provides a full range of mainboards from standard components specifications to all-in-one varieties, including AT, ATX, and components LPX form factors.
  • American Megatrends, Inc. - Manufacturer of motherboards, RAID cards, and AMIBIOS products. motherboards Site includes support.
  • Commate Computer Inc. - Manufactures a range of motherboards, barebone systems and components industrial computers. Specialises in mini-ITX.
  • Jetway Computer - High end technology manufacturer of mini ITX and motherboards Industrial Motherboards components for the Intel and AMD platforms
  • BCM Advanced Research - Designer and manufacturer of motherboards to most standard form factors. OEM/ODM available. Also offer barebone systems.
  • VIA Technologies, Inc. - Manufacturer of motherboard chipsets, as well as CPUs, motherboards, and other computer hardware.
  • Elitegroup Computer Systems - Motherboards, desktop and mobile PCs, peripherals and video components cards.
  • FIC, Inc. - Design and production of mainboards, PC systems, servers hardware and notebooks.
  • PC Partner - Manufacturer of motherboards, AGP cards and other consumer electronics. Features a small range of AMD and Intel chipset motherboards.
  • Broadcom ServerWorks - Manufacturer of high-end server and workstation motherboards and hardware chipsets, with hardware focus on Intel platforms.
  • Biostar Group - Taiwan-based motherboard and graphics card manufacturer, supporting Intel motherboards and AMD motherboards processors.
  • Lem Computers - Genuine Intel motherboards and systems.
  • SOYO Computer, Inc. - Mainboard maker. Driver and BIOS upgrades, product literature.
  • QDI - Manufacturer of desktop Intel and AMD motherboards. BIOS, components manuals, drivers motherboards and utilities for download, plus support components forum.
  • Tyan Computer Corporation - Server and high-end desktop motherboard manufacturer. Includes drivers, BIOS, support, technical reference and reseller links.
  • ASUS International - Mainboards, video and add-on cards, CD-ROMs and accessories.
  • Arcom Control Systems - Designs and manufactures PC/104 embedded PCs plus PC/104 expansion modules, motherboards specializing in industrial embedded PCs and single board computers.
  • Corvalent - Embedded industrial motherboard manufacturer.
  • AOpen - Manufacturer of mid to high end motherboards for hardware direct to consumer sale.
  • Gigabyte Technology Co. Ltd. - Literature and support regarding Gigabyte\\'s range of x86 motherboards, graphics cards and other products.
  • IntelForums - has Intel-based hardware discussion boards. It also has news, motherboards reviews.
  • Sapphire Technology - A budget motherboard manufacturer, certified by AMD, with components products supporting hardware both IGP and multiple GPUs.
  • Albatron - Motherboard manufacturer. Other products include video cards, flash storage and hardware LCD televisions.

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