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News on the Mini-ITX form factor and other small computer systems. Reviews, projects, advice, a forum and a power consumption simulator.

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  • AnandTech Motherboard Section - News, articles and reviews, including thorough analyses of magazines and e-zines components selected boards.
  • EPIA Center - News on the Mini-ITX form factor and other motherboards small computer components systems. Reviews, projects, advice, a forum motherboards and a power consumption components simulator.
  • Active Hardware Motherboard Reviews - Archive of motherboard reviews.
  • - Reviews, recommendations and buying secrets. Information and advice on chipsets, motherboards manufacturers and vendors.
  • - Independent Mini-ITX form factor news, suggestions, links and motherboards complete plans for projects, hardware suppliers, FAQ and motherboards online store.
  • Tom's Hardware Guide - Motherboard information, reviews and performance testing with overclocking motherboards discussions and components overall stability reports.
  • Mini-ITX News - Independent Mini-ITX, small form factor and embedded news
  • Daily News Computer Motherboards Specification - A weblog detailing motherboard specifications.

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