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Tandy made some of the best, most powerful computers a long time ago.

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  • VZ-ALiVE - Site based on the TRS-80. Featuring emulators, discussions, tandy programs, downloads, historical games and information.
  • Matthew Reed's TRS-80.org - Enthusiast site covering TRS-80 history, computers, software, hardware, hardware books, magazines, tandy and games.
  • uIP for the TRS-80 Model3 - uIP is a free small TCP/IP implementation for 8- and tandy 16- bit microntrollers and suitable for the TRS-80 class of tandy computers. This page deals specifically with the port of uIP tandy to the TRS-80 model 3.
  • James Dessart's CoCo 3 page - Dedicated to information about the CoCo 3.
  • System 80 Support Site - Dedicated to the System 80, a TRS-80 Model tandy 1 clone, popular in Australia and New Zealand tandy in the early 1980\\'s and a TRS-80 model tandy 1 (near-)clone.
  • Tandy Color Computer SuperSite - Fan portal offering downloads and discussion forums. Includes hardware in browser java emulator with integrated CoCo games.
  • Official TRS-80 Dutch Usergroup - Usergroup offering a DSDD Newdos/80 emulator for the historical Model I hardware and PC<>TRS-80 transfer software and information historical on hardware projects.
  • Club 100 - Continued support for Tandy/Radio Shack computer owners.
  • Sock Master's CoCo Home Page - Sock Master\'s Color Computer programs and information about historical the CoCo.
  • Online Vintage Computer Magazine - Has many how-to articles, and much other TRS-80 related information.
  • GCC for the TRS-80 CoCo - Information about running gcc as a cross-compiler for historical the TRS-80 tandy CoCo series.
  • Tvdog's Archive - Programs and documentation for the Tandy 1000-series computers, and DOS hardware Internet programs.
  • Nickolas Marentes Color Computer Workshop - Software and hardware for the CoCo.
  • TRS-80 Model I/III/4 - Frequently asked questions.
  • Cloud-9 Color Computer Hardware - Hardware and software development for the Color Computer.

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