Manufacturers FPGA Programmable Logic Hardware

Lists all manufacturers of field programmable devices (FPGAs). Any companies offering ASICs with FPGA-like cores are listed in Computers: Hardware: Components: ASICs and Chips.

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  • Lattice Semiconductor Corp. - Produces analog and digital FPGAs, including the ORCA programmable logic FPSC manufacturers assets purchased from Agere (formerly Lucent).
  • Altera Corporation - Manufactures CPLDs and SRAM based FPGAs.
  • Actel Corp - Produces three different styles of FPGAs: antifuse, flash, fpga and SRAM.
  • Xilinx, Inc - Manufactures CPLDs and SRAM based FPGAs.
  • QuickLogic Corp - Makes stand-alone devices such as PCI bridges, memory controllers, and manufacturers GbE Ethernet MACs, in addition to FPGAs that integrate parts manufacturers of the stand-alone devices.
  • Xeltek - Manufactures and sales of universal programmer and adapter.
  • MathStar, Inc - Reprogrammable logic platform chips, especially for communications and programmable logic digital signal processing applications.
  • Aeroflex Inc - Qualifies and sells space and radiation hardened semiconductors, manufacturers including FPGAs.
  • Anadigm, Inc - Manufactures field programmable analog array (FPAA), an analog version of manufacturers an FPGA.

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