Linu Systems Hardware

Distributor of professional quality computer hardware. Sells only brand-new, 100% IBM-PC compatible products, all with full warranty and free technical support.

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See Also:
  • Zonbu - Offers a consumer oriented desktop bundled with a linux paid subscription for storage and support.
  • Guardian Digital, Inc. - Secure Linux server appliances.
  • Penguin Computing - Offers servers, workstations, clustering hardware, and support services.
  • Ribosi Internet Solutions - Custom, mission specific Linux systems.
  • SW Technology - Servers, workstations and notebooks with RedHat, SuSE or Fedora Core hardware Linux pre-installed.
  • California Digital - Provides ultra dense, rack optimized Linux servers.
  • - Personal Computers with SUSE, Mandrake or Redhat Linux linux pre-installed.
  • ASA Computers, Inc. - Linux clusters, servers, workstations, notebooks and special devices.
  • Iron Systems, Inc. - Provides custom-built servers.
  • StoreAnyWhere - Offers servers, workstations, and laptops with Linux.
  • Linux 1U servers - Custom designed 1U servers running Linux, and bsd. hardware Also provide 24x7x365 on-site coverage around the world.
  • Digital Networks UK - UK supplier of servers, desktops and workstations designed systems and optimised linux for the Linux and FreeBSD operating systems systems.
  • Citrus Micro - Sells Net Integrator Servers powered by the Nitix linux Operating System.
  • Hewlett Packard - A leading manufacturer of Linux servers.
  • Xtops.DE - Reseller of notebooks and PDAs with Linux pre-installed.
  • ASL Workstations, Inc. - Linux systems: Alpha, Intel.
  • Martin Technology Services - Offers internet solutions based on Linux free-standing or systems rack-mounted servers.
  • Xinit Systems - Provides corporate Linux systems and Open Source solutions.
  • Emperor Linux, Inc - Sells pre-configured Linux portables, laptops, and PDA's.
  • Ridge Technologies - Australian company that builds custom based Linux solutions systems for both corporate and home use.
  • Compusys - UK based Alpha Linux systems manufacturer.
  • Unixpac - Sells the Cobalt Microserver Qube, a pre-installed Linux server.
  • Atipa - Distributor of professional quality computer hardware. Sells only brand-new, 100% hardware IBM-PC compatible products, all with full warranty and free technical hardware support.
  • Sunset Systems - Provides high-quality, preconfigured ready-to-run Linux-based computers. Also offer hardware custom development hardware of business software. Headquartered in Gilbert, hardware Arizona.
  • Biz Systems - Linux servers, 1U Rackmount and standard ATX cases. linux Customizable systems systems with Linux operating system
  • Diskless Workstations - Dynamic Results, Inc. builds and sells low cost linux diskless Linux systems workstations.
  • - Site specialising in Linux running on mini-ITX boards. Sells components linux and systems for making firewalls, routers, small servers, thin clients, linux or multimedia appliances.
  • xiLinux Systems Inc. - Custom Linux storage solutions, servers and workstations.
  • Linux Computer Systems - Sells Pentium-II-III, Pentium-III Xeon, and AMD K6-2 workstations, hardware servers, and Beowolf Nodes pre-installed with Redhat or hardware Caldera Linux.
  • Userful - Provides cost-effective turnkey multi-user Linux solutions for the public access linux environment.
  • Los Alamos Computers - Pre-installed Linux workstations and servers. Choose from Red systems Hat, Debian, linux Mandrake, SuSE, or Slackware.

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