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UNIX based shell providers and other related resources.

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  • IRCd Networks - Provides functional and secure IRCd shells on FreeBSD servers.
  • Pixel Hosting - Offering shell, IRCd accounts, eggdrops, bouncers and ShoutCast servers.
  • JTAN ProShell - Professional UNIX shell with voicemail, fax, email.
  • VoltShells - Company offers basic Unix shell hosting for eggdrop, BitchX, and internet other common shell programs.
  • Woaf Tech Ltd - United Kingdom based shell provider.
  • Mythic Beasts - United Kingdom based shell accounts, IRC processes not unix shell providers access providers permitted.
  • Tolerant Solutions - Canadian based provider of IRCd and Shoutcast Hosting.
  • Exceed, Inc. - Shell accounts, web hosting, email hosting.
  • Icelab Networks - Hosting company offering shell accounts, NT and UNIX unix shell providers internet hosting and domain registration.
  • AuroraLink Communications - BSDi, FreeBSD shell accounts, php4 webhosting, and qmailadmin access providers mailhosting.
  • Reverse.Net - Offering shell accounts hosted on OpenBSD machines.
  • Avixion Networks - Providing UNIX shell accounts since 2000.
  • CopaseticNet - Unix shell accounts offering Eggdrop, BNC and BitchX.
  • Vector iNetworks - Internet security services, UNIX shells and colocation provided unix shell providers internet on Verizon lines.
  • KIREnet Communications - Linux shell services hosted off a dedicated T1 internet to MCI/Worldcom internet in Boston, MA.
  • Lomag Internet Services - Established shell provider in NYC.
  • B2Shells - Providing shell accounts, IRCD and BNC hosting. Offers accounts access providers for both personal and business use.
  • ThinkShells - Offering Sun Solaris shells. Also providing website hosting, dedicated internet servers, and developer packages.
  • Chpass Shells - Dedicated shell hosting for BNC/Eggdrop/Screens on Foonet running on the latest version of FreeBSD.
  • ServDirect - UNIX shell provider.
  • NullShells Networks - Offers UNIX based shell accounts.
  • ShellFx - Offering shell accounts for Eggdrop, BNC, Ircd, BitchX internet and DNS access providers hosting.
  • ShellAccess.COM - Shell Access on Sun Microsystems Sparc/Ultra servers with unix shell providers internet either traditional UNIX access or easy to use unix shell providers internet menu system.
  • Shellprompt - A Unix shell provider for email, ftp, web space and unix shell providers provides access to most common Unix tools including compilers.
  • Canadian Net - Offering Unix shell accounts and web hosting.
  • SystemShell - Providing shell accounts on Unix and Linux servers.
  • AceShells - Unix shell provider offering eggdrops, BNC, IRCD and unix shell providers IRC tech support.
  • Rimasec Internet Services - Unix access provider, providing shell accounts and web access providers hosting.
  • Octiva.net - Offering FreeBSD based shell accounts and colocation services.
  • Server Room - Offering basic UNIX shell accounts.
  • Sky Web Internet - A New Jersey ISP that provides shell access unix shell providers internet with all internet accounts.

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